Check iqama transfer status Online in KSA

In Saudi Arabia, every ex-pat right to change his kafeel for any reason. iqama transfer means to change kafeel or profession. Iqama transfer application applies to the Absher website and checks his status on the MOL website.[Recommende: click here to check iqama status online

When iqama transfer status (naqal kafala) success you will receive a message on your mobile. Otherwise, if you know transfer online we share the better methods with complete detail. Through this method, you know the status as well as friends by entering the iqama number.

New Kafeel System In Saudi Arabia 2021

  1. According to Saudi Law when Somebody Comes to Saudi Arabia he has a 1 year, or 2 years, or more, contract with the sponsor. After spending the Specific Time with the Sponsor, then Transfer iqama or change kafeel.
  2. 90 days before the end of the contract you have to tell your sponsor or company that I want to go somewhere else. I want Naqal Kafala. Inform  Kafeel or the company through Face to Face and get Signature or send an email for the later proof.
  3. In addition, the contract between the sponsor and you will be registered online. And that will be the responsibility of the sponsor.

By visiting the MOL website will be able to know your new kafeel name, transfer date, and application number. If you have recently changed one sponsor to another kafeel and know the current status follow these simple steps.

Procedure to check iqama transfer status online (naqal kafala status)

Mol website language is Arabic you cannot change this language. we guide you with text and pictures for better understanding.

1. First visit the “MOL” website by click here

2. Click on the Option we have selected in Picture



3. Now The Next page Show chose hele “خدمات السلام



4.  Choose here 3rd Option Mention In Pictures



5. Drop down and choose “وافد عامل خدمة نقل”     



6. Now enter “IQAMA NUMBER” and fill “CAPTCHA” code

7. Click on “بحث”



8. Now the status will be “SHOW”


Transfer In Under Process Message

If this message will show On-Screen below in Pictures, Mean Your Iqama Transfer is Under Process. Or any Other message appears and Cannot understand the Arabic language. Copy These lines go to the google and search Arabic to English Translate, first link open paste it and understand about the transfer.

Transfer Is Successfully Message  

If iqama transfers successfully this message will be shown in the Arabic language. Include your sponsor name and transfer date also.



Application Cannot Receive Message 

If the MOL (Ministry of labor) website has Not received the iqama transfer application this message will be shown. الشروط تحقق طلبات توجد لا




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