Check iqama Status online in Saudi Arabia

Check iqama Status is very important for expats in KSA issued by the Ministry Of Interior. I have an iqama you work legally and live in Saudi Arabia. Check Detail timely is very important for every individual. Because expiration cannot mention on the card also Know huroob etc. Saudi government introduce online services for expats to check iqama Validity on mobile/PC.-

Before finding out, it is important to know what is iqama number? is a 10 digit number mention on a card below your photo. it’s highly valuable for knowing the status. If you cannot Know validity on time and expire, pay a heavy fine and sometimes cancel Your visa.

For more work and live in the kingdom must renew first. Status can be determined in two ways. the first one is MOL, the second is ABSHER. We fully guide in the article on how to know the status step by step.

Check Iqama Status Online without Absher

Mol means (ministry of labor) online service for expats to know about iqama. One of the easiest wat To Know Validity without Creating Absher Account. Provides a lot of other services daily used. So here is a procedure to know the status.

1. First Visit the website of “MOL” by Click here

2. Chose Language “ENGLISH”

3. Create Your Account first, If Have already Click On “LOGIN”



6. Fill The “CAPTCHA” Press “NEXT” Button

7. Detail will be “SHOW” On Mobile/PC Screen



Here is your Iqama Status You can see all the detail.

Procedure To Check Iqama Validity KSA with Absher

A large number of people Every time visit the MOL website to know validity. The resulting website sometimes down and cannot open. In this situation, Absher is a very helpful source to Find all types of detail related to traffic, violations, expiration, renewal, etc.

Absher is a website as well as a mobile application available on google play. Just create an account and use many services free with fast Results. Absher also checks your iqama validity date.

Today we share with you step by step procedure with the help of a picture. In this way find Your and also your friend’s data also can be checked. Just have a number to get any type of detail in Absher.

1. First Go to the website of “Absher” or Download App by Click here

2. Website will be open Choose language “ENGLISH” from top of Menu

3. If have Not An Account Click on the new user Create an Account first By Putting some information. I have an Account

4. “LOGIN” By entering a “USERNAME” and its “PASSWORD”

5. “VERIFICATION CODE” will be received On Your Mobile Phone Enter it

6. Successfully Login In Absher On “DASHBOARD” you will see Query iqama service click



7. On the next page In Box Enter “IQAMA NUMBER” and 2nd box Type Image “CODE” then Click OnVIEW”

8. Required Information “SHOW” On Tour Mobile/PC Screen



Hope You Know in a Better way to Check iqama detail. If Any question Comments us

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