Check And Pay Iqama Renewal fees Status 2021

Iqama Renewal is Most important In KSA. And pay Online fees with Your card Online is also necessary. The Validity Of Iqama is 12 Months. According to the Saudi Government, New Laws Expats Renew Every Year. Cannot Stay More In Saudi Arabia If he has to Expire.

Penalty and heavy fine applied if On a Given time Cannot renew the  & lot of other problem faces On Future if he expires. Want to live or work more in Saudi Arabia must be renewed first.[Recommended: Click here to check Iqama Expiry Date Online

If  Do Not Renew Before 3 Days expiry the fine applies. The Fine Double fess of Your iqama. Renewal Requires a certain Payment like “MOI Fees”, “Work Permit fees “, “Health Insurance fees” and “Maktab Amal fees” etc.

Today we fully guide “How to Pay Renewal fees” and also “check the Status renewal fees paid or not”

Saudi iqama Renewal fees In 2021/1443

1. In Company “MORE than 50%“Saudi National Then Iqama Renewal fees for Years 2021 is

Fee DetailPrice In SAR
Work Permit Fee [700 SAR Per Month]8400
MOI Iqama Fees650
Health Insurance Average 500
Total fees Iqama Renewal 9550 Saudi Rial

2. In Company “LESSthen 50%”Saudi National Then Iqama Renewal fees for Years 2021 is

Fee DetailPrice In SAR
Work Permit Fee [800 SAR Per Month]9600
MOI Iqama Fees650
Health Insurance Average 500
Total fees Iqama Renewal 10750 Saudi Rial

3. Domestic Worker Fees Include “House Driver ” “Home Maid”, “MAZRA”

Fee DetailPrice In SAR
Work Permit Fee 0
MOI Iqama Fees600
Health Insurance Average 500
Total fees Iqama Renewal 1100 Total Saudi Rial


400 Saudi Rial Per Month On Each Dependent

Iqama Expiry Penalty

  • If the Expires 500 Fine First Time
  • If Renewal Fail 1000 Rial Fine 2nd Time
  • Also Cannot Receive Payment From Saudi Arabia Bank
  • Sometimes Government Cancel Visa and Send Back To Your Country

New Rules For Iqama Renewal In KSA

To live and work in Saudi Arabia, one must have a valid Iqama. The Validity is usually one year and can be renewed for two years. For this, it is necessary to Renew before the expiration. If he has expired, you will not receive any file even after three days. But In 4th Days 500 will fine. and he will double in the next few days. Seven types of new Rules have been issued by the Saudi government. You should have it and then Renewal will be done.

1. “Must have a Valid Passport” Passport Should Not Expire

2. “No Traffic Fine Violation” If so, pay first

3. “Pay Iqama Renewal fees”

4. “You must be in Saudi Arabia” Then he will be Renew

5. “Medical Insurance” Mean Medical Card

6. If you have a Huroob Status Iqama will not be revenue. In the case of Huroob, cancel it within 15 days. Huroob is successfully Cancel. Then get Renewal Very easy.

How To Pay iqama Renewal Fees Through NCB Online

iqama renewal

1. First Go to the “NCB Bank” Click Here

2. “LOGIN” Your Account

3. Left Side In Dashboard Click On “SADAD”



6. At The end Click On “REVIEW IQAMA”

7. If you renew Iqama “UNTICK FROM UNREGISTERED”



10. Final click On “REQUEST PAYMENT FEE”


12.”TOTAL FEES” will be shown in Saudi Rial

13. Click On “OK” For More Confirmation Click On “OK”

iqama renewal

14. Message will be Show “PAYMENT RECEIVED”


iqama renewal

How to check iqama renewal fees paid or Not

iqama renewal

After renewing  Iqama, it is important to know fees have been paid or Not. In any case, if I do not pay, you will be heavily fined. Sometimes the sponsor lies to you that I have paid the fee even though he did not pay the fee. This can be very detrimental. Check Also Iqama Huroob Status In English

Whether he is Renew or not There are two very easy ways to find out. The first one is the MOL website and the 2nd is Absher. We Know through the MOL website that here is a simple procedure to know Fee paid or not.

Steps To Check Iqama Fees paid or Not

1. First Go to the website of “MOL”

2. Click On “SERVICES”

3. Then click on “INQUIRY”

4. Then Choose “LABOUR SERVICE”

5. Chose Here 3rd Option “HIDMATU RUKSATUL AMAL”

6. Now Just Enter Your “IQNMA NUMBER” in Rakmuliqama

7. Verify The “CAPTCHA CODE”

8. Final Click On “SEARCH” Green Button

9. Status will be showing “FEES PAID OR NOT”

iqama renewal

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