Check Iqama Expiry Date Online 2021

To Check your Iqama expiry date Online with Absher and without Absher. here is a Complete article for You Know each and Everything. What is Iqama? The Iqama is the nationwide residency authorization for immigrants residing and working in Saudi Arabia,

it will have a validity of 12 months and has to be renewed every year by the employer. It is an enrolled permit by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs that reckon for your appearance in Saudi Arabia, the kind of work Visa you are qualified to do in Saudi Arabia.[Recommended: Click here to Check Iqama Status with Border Number

How To Check Iqama Expiry date or Validity without Absher

Here is an easy process to check Iqama your validity or expiry date without applying the Absher account. Adopting this way, you just require an Iqama Number and Date of Birth to validate your Status. You can check your Iqama Expiry by touring the Ministry of Labor (MOL KSA) website.

It is now achievable to Find expiration dates without logging into the Absher account or without utilizing the Absher account, The novel method of checking expiry is online by the Ministry of Labor inquiry service, It will reveal your expiry date in Gregorian date and also in Hijri date.

Note: If you are monitoring your iqama expiry date and you are outside Saudi Arabia, Use a VPN that has Saudi Arabia’s server.

Check the iqama expiry date Procedure

1. First Go to the official Website of MOL By Click here

2. Scroll down Click On عودة

Iqama expiry date

3. Choose a language to ‘ Arabic or English ‘ from page topmost.

4. If already MOI Users and have an Account Click on Login Button. If You Have no Account Click On New users

Iqama expiry date


5. E-service Main Page open here Enter your ID/IQAMA NUMBER/BORDER NUMBER anyone. Tap on the next column and choose your Date of Birth both in the Hijri Calendar or Gregorian Calendar. Select the Correct date of birth years & Correct Month.

Iqama expiry date

6. Down Type Verification code Above given. This is how small and big words are given. You write in the same way.

7. Final Click On Next green button

8. Iqama Expiry date Show & other Information will be shown on Mobile Screen.

Iqama expiry date

You will be capable to view the following information on the results page:

  • Your Full Name as written
  • Ten figures of Iqama Number
  •  EXPIRY DATE in either Hijri and Gregorian Calendar
  • Your Nationality
  • Gender
  • Enrolled Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • ZIP Code
  • P.O Box Number
  • Social Media Accounts (if associated)

Method 2:

You can further follow another process stated below to check your Iqama Validity or Expiry date.

You can also inquire in this way :

  • Choose ENGLISH as the language from the MOI website ( and search Electronic Inquiries (head Menu) merely near Eservices.
  • Click on Electronic Inquiries, Choose PASSPORTS (left side tab) also it will prolong, check “Query Iqama Expiry Service“.
  • Click on “QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICE”, Momentarily you can view a web page with two input boxes
  • Type IQAMA NUMBER you need to ask in the first box that is “Iqama Number”.
  • Insert the IMAGE CODE in the text box.
  • Click on VIEW, To present the query of your expiry date.
  • Now you can examine your expiry date or validity date over the form. The form will not modify, simply check the peak of the form. It should be similar to this:
  • Iqama is valid until YYYY/MM/DD  ( Expiry date will be in Hijri Date ).

Video Guide How To Check iqama Expiry date Online

Check Your Iqama Expiry with Absher Account

Absher is a Great source to know All about iqama and its related services. Now it’s very easy to Know Your iqama expiry with Iqama Number. Here is a complete procedure to know your expiration date.

Step#1:  First Open Your Mobile chrome or Pc And type or click here to direct open it. if you are outside of Saudi Arabia use a VPN Saudi server to open a website.

Step#2: Two option show on Screen Individuals and Business, Chose here Individuals

Step#3: Chose language “Arabic into English” For a better understanding

Step#4: If you are a new visitors Click on New users. Otherwise, have an already Account chose here login Option.

Step#5: If you are a new user by clicking it. Automatically Registration form will be shown on the screen. For further process, it’s necessary to fill up this form first.

Iqama expiry date

Step#6:  Fill the form with Correct information like ID Number, Mobile Number, Username, Password, Email address, preferred Language, Captcha Code, click on I agree, And final click on next.

Step#7: Mobile Number you Entered Absher sends you an OTP Enter In Code in the Verification code box and click on Register.

Step#8: Automatically Absher Login Page show. First Enter Your User Name, Below type Password, And fill image code and click on Login.

Iqama expiry date

Step#9: Again Absher send you an OTP enter OTP on the Mobile screen box and click login

Iqama expiry date

Step#10: Click on My Account, Then select here Dashboard search box will be shown, search here Iqama Expiry. Select query iqama expiry service.

Iqama expiry date

Step#11: Querry iqama expiry service Page show Type here Your Iqama Number, below Enter Image Code and click On View Button.

Iqama expiry date

Finely Your Iqama Expiry date shows On The top green line In Hijri date. Then Go to google chrome and type Hijri To Gregorian Converter. Enter the same Date and get a result.

Iqama expiry date

Hope You Understand In a Better way  To Check iqama expiry date And other All process. If you need any more help you can comment us.

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