Iqama Expiry Check Red Green 2021

Monitoring Iqama Expiry Check Red Green and Yellow. (The Nitaqat Status) is really simple nowadays. You can review the Nitaqat Colour of your kafeel at the authentic website of the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia. It is always prudent to check the Colour rank of your Kafeel. First off, we will give how you can iqama red-green, and later we will describe iqama color divisions.[Recommended: Check Iqama Huroob Online

How to Iqama Expiry Check Red Green?

 Please obey these simple steps Iqama Expiry Check Red Green in your Mobile and rank method

  • Go to the Website of  MOL Click Here
  • Chose Language ARABIC To ENGLISH
  • Insert PASSPORT NO
  • Pick your NATIONALITY
  • Click On CHECK

Iqama Expiry Check Red Green

  1. First off, Go to the genuine website of the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia. You can open this website in the browser of your Phone, tablet as well as PC/computer. You can utilize this assistance to Check Iqama Huroob also. Additionally, you can check your departure visa status with this assistance, Tap to check your departure visa status. the iqama Huroob is Most important to Know before check Color Status.
  2. The default language of this website is Arabic. There is no substitute to alter the language. You can change it with your browser translator. We will teach without altering the language because frequently user checks use this assistance on mobile devices irrespective of some translator.
  3. To check the iqama red-green or another color, You must have to insert a Passport Number, Border Number, or Iqama Number. The border is the number that is found on your passport near the immigration stamp. Saudi Arabia’s airport immigration Border number on your passport when your initial time appears in Saudi Arabia. Once you have registered passport number, border number, or iqama number, Tap the “بحث” key. If you need to check the iqama color by inserting the Passport number, you ought to pick your nationality also. Except if you need to check iqama rank green or red color status by inserting a border number or iqama number, you are not required to pick your nationality.
  4. Now, The system will give you all information about you and your kafeel consisting of iqama red-green color. The system will give you your full name, Status of your employment, your work permit number, whether you are currently working or not, Your Iqama color red, green, yellow, or platinum, and legal rank of the company
  5. As you can observe, it is displaying the color status of your kafeel in Arabic. If you are not capable to recognize Arabic, you can just copy this line and visit the google translator by taping here, If you are a mobile device user, ta on “Detect Language” and choose Arabic. Now just paste your Arabic iqama colour and you will discover the Iqama colour in English. Laptop or computer users can only search in google “Arabic to English Translator” to interpret. This is the accurate method to Iqama Expiry Check Red Green


Iqama Expiry Check Red Green


What is Iqama Expiry Check Red Green Nitaqat System?

You may be inquisitive about what is the truth of the Iqama colour system. The Iqama colour system is recognized as Nitaqat. Red, yellow, and green colours show the Nitaqat section of a Saudi company or kafeel.

The Nitaqat system was begun in 2011 as a consequence of the Saudization policy of the Saudi Government. Every private was forced to employ a particular number of Saudi residents. The percentage and number of Saudi Workers in an organization provide a nitaqat colour section.

On the other hand, we can assume that the Nitaqat colour decides the percentage of Saudi workers in a company. Based on the Percentage of Saudi agents, an organization or kafeel can be red, yellow, green, or platinum. Green colour has further three subsections low green, medium green and high green

 Red Color Status 

1. If a little business has smaller than “4%” of Saudi workers.

2. If a medium business has smaller than “5%” of Saudi workers.

3. If a large business has smaller than “6%” of Saudi workers.

It will drop in the Red colour section. This business cannot proceed for a long time. The colour section of this has to be modified into green sooner or later.

If you have found your iqama colour red, you should alter your company as soon as probable. You do not want permission from your Saudi Kafeel. This company handles a lot of visas, Iqama, and other immigration difficulties, therefore it is suggested to alter Iqama as soon as likely.

Saudi Iqama Green Color Status

1. If a little business has “10-39%” of Saudi workers.

2. If a medium business has “12-39%” of Saudi workers.

3. If a large business has “12-39%L” of Saudi workers.

4. If a huge business has “12-39%” of Saudi workers.

It comes in the Nitaqat Green colour section. This is normally a genuine section. This company gets visas each month. They can gain a red or yellow colour worker without the consent of their kafeel. The worker can recover Iqama three months ere the Iqama expiry date. Additionally, conversion of the profession and six months license grace period is permitted in this Iqama colour section

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