Indian Post Payment bank Customer ID

There are several ways to Find an Indian Post Payment bank Customer ID at Home. (IPPB) Indian post payment bank is a fully India Government Covered bank launch In 2018. For providing better services IPPB aims to utilized near 1.55 lakh post offices, and Nearly 3 lakh postal working to provide door to door better Internet banking.

What is IPPB?

IPPB Full-Form Indian post payment bank That Accepts all smaller scale without any risk. Indian Post payment bank launch in 2018,‘prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojna widening the Reach of banking services. Include in IPPB bank Mission to Build 1.55 lakh posts Offices and 3 lakh Postal working provide house to hose Internet Banking services.

How to Open IPPB Bank Account?

To open an account with IPPB Indian Post Payment Bank you have to visit any branch like other banks which bank will open your account after submitting In his post, In IPPB have many types of accounts in the bank, which have many types and features. Before opening this account, the representative of the bank fully informs you about your policy and accounts. Your account will then be opened after full verification.

And to open an account you have to go to any branch of the bank in Indian Post Payment and your account will be opened in one day.

Documents required to open an Account In IPPB

like all other Indian internet banking, the India Post Payment Bank also asks you for some documents after which your account is opened. You can open Your account in any branch of IPPB for which these documents will be required.

  • Adhar Card
  • Pan card
  • Mobile Number For Verification
  • Carry Alos Registered Mobile number with Adhar
  • IPPB India Post payment banks APP Download

The India Post Payment Bank Application can be easily downloaded from here Our article or from the Play Store and Google Chrome. This application is very helpful. This is a helpful help for IPPB account Holder. You can check all the activities whenever you do a translation or take a service from Indian Post Payment Bank. You can get all the history in the IPPB application. You can transfer money anywhere and order Money money.

How To login IPPB?

To log in to Indian Post Payment Bank you must first register to your bank account is present in  Indian Post Payment Bank through this you create an account in the IPPB application And a verification code will appear on your mobile number. The registration will be completed. The user will be able to get all the account information from his mobile by entering the user name password.

To register with Indian Post Payment Bank, you will first need your account number, Customer ID, Date of Birth, and other mobile numbers. You will then need to log in to your account by MPIN will be automatically opened on your mobile.

How To Get Indian Post Payment Bank Customer ID?

Today we Know All methods to Find Indian Post Payment bank Customer ID in an easy way. But first, we Know What Is Customer ID? Customer ID or CIF is the Unique Identification Number that each bank provides to its customers regardless of their account. This number is given to them. With this number, customers can view all the details of their account from anywhere and it is also easy for the bank to view all the customer information in a few minutes.

Indian Post Payment Bank Customer ID

There are many ways to get a customer ID, some of which are online and some of which are offline. All the Methods we Discuss How To get IPPB Banks Customer ID in an easy way. Customer ID can be got  Of IPPB bank By 4 Ways

  • Through pass Book
  • Through mobile App
  • Through bank Branch
  • Through helpline Number

Get IPPB Customer ID From Pass Book

Because when you open any of your bank accounts, do any transactions, or take services, one or more of these times the Arab Bank gives you a passbook to help you enter your customer ID. You can find out by going to any post office in which your mobile number, your semi-data work, your address head, and similarly customer ID is written on the front page of the passbook.

Get Your IPPB Customer ID without Passbook through Mobile App

If you do not have this passbook and you want to know your customer ID, then there is a mobile application of Indian Post Payment Bank in which you can log in with the help of your account and enter your customer ID. You can know the details.

After successfully logging in, go to the Accounts section and you will find the Customer ID and all related details.

Get Customer ID From Branches/helpline

In any case, if you do not use the mobile application and you do not have a checkbook, another great way is to go to the bank and find out your customer ID for which the officer sitting in the bank will ask you for yours. Asking about the account and Aadhaar card details will give you custom feedback. You can also get your customer ID details by calling the helpline or by e-mail.

Customer ID Care Number 

155299 OR 1800-180-7980

Email Address

[email protected]

Indian Post Payment Bank Head office

Corporate Office, 2nd Floor, Market Road, New Delhi-110001

Get Customer ID On-call

The fourth way is to call the helpline to find out the customer ID and get your customer ID from the bank. For this, you have to call from a mobile number or any other number you can call You to have to keep some documents such as your account number, age and anything else you may be asked to do.

First, call On 155299 or 1800-180-7980 to your Registered Mobile Number. Then press 2 for Know IPPB product and services then Press 3 with Talk agent.

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