Steps To Know Indian Bank CIF Number in 1 Minute

The Indian Bank provides internet banking and mobile banking to its customers for easy access to their accounts. To register for Indian Bank Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, you need to know the CIF number of your account. In this article, we are going to told you how to find out the CIF number of an Indian bank easily with or without a passbook.

 Requirements To Know CIF Number for Indian Bank

Steps To Know Indian Bank CIF Number in 1 Minute

  1. Passbook
  2. Account number
  3. Registered mobile phone number.
  4. Welcome Welcome
  5. The first page of the checkbook

Why Indian Bank CIF number is Important

There are a few reasons why you need to know the CIF number of your Indian bank account.

  1. You must know your CIF number to register for online banking
  2. You must know the CIF number to register for mobile banking
  3. The CIF number must be mentioned on the branch transfer form when making a branch transfer

How To Know Indian Bank CIF Number Easily

There are various ways you can easily get your CIF number at home by following ways. Follow these simple steps to get CIF number free.

  1. Use of Passbook
  2. Get CIF number via SMS
  3. Use the welcome letter
  4. Use of checkbook

How to get Indian Bank CIF number using a passbook

  1. Get the Indian Bank Account book and open its front page.
  2. You will have your personal details, account details, and The CIF number printed on the first page of the Passbook.

Find Indian CIF Bank Numbers Online

  1. First of All, Visit the Indian Bank site to know The CIF Number Click here
  2. On the open page, enter your account number and your registered mobile phone number.
  3. Also, enter the captcha code and then click the Submit OTP button.
  4. You will receive an OTP in your personal registered mobile number. Enter OTP on the screen and then click the Get CIF button
  5. You will receive the Indian CIF Bank Number via SMS.

 Know Indian Bank CIF number With Welcome Letter

  1. You should have received a welcome letter when you opened the account.
  2. Open the letter, and on the first page, you can find the printed CIF number with the account number, name, etc.

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