India should come to Pakistan for Asia Cup and Champions Trophy Rameez Raja

Even if a foreign team does not like to go to Pakistan, this is not a significant problem.He asked India to visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup and ICC Champions Trophy, noting that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was aiming to make the ICC tournaments in Pakistan a rousing success.

Rameez Raja is the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Rameez Raja, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has said that India should travel to Pakistan to compete in the Asia Cup in 2023 and the Champions Trophy in 2025. If any foreign team does not like to go to Pakistan, this will not be a major issue for them. The team is putting in long hours to ensure that the Cup and the Champions Trophy are successful.

His remarks were followed by an announcement that the Cricket Board plans to refurbish the National High Performance Center and enhance the capacity of its rooms in the near future. The Pakistan Construction Board (PCB) has planned to build 70 rooms inside the National High Performance Center Karachi.

Prime Minister Imran Khan did not meddle in the business of the board, according to Rameez Raja, who also said that he had complete autonomy in administering the board’s affairs.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself has been a cricketer, that he does not intervene in every element of cricket, that Prime Minister Imran Khan has delegated complete responsibility to me, and that I am doing what is best for Pakistan cricket in the short and long term.

He expressed disappointment with the lack of fans at the National Stadium in Karachi during the just finished Twenty20 series between Pakistan and the West Indies, saying that he was surprised by the low turnout. He pledged that he would take action.

During the West Indies series, Rameez Raja expressed his disappointment at the lack of people at the National Stadium Karachi, according to Rameez Raja. The PCB is devising a strategy for bringing cricket fans into the stadium. This, of course, resulted in the video becoming an overnight phenomenon.

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