In Pakistan price of gold shattered every previous record

Today We Know In Pakistan price of gold shattered every previous record.It is the first time in the history of the nation that the price of 10 grammes of gold has risen over the barrier of 1 lakh forty thousand rupees, smashing all of the records that were previously held for the increase in price. According to the statistics, gold prices in Pakistan, which is the country that has suffered the most significant reduction in the value of its currency in recent months, have also achieved all-time highs.

According to several media reports, the price of a gold bar weighing 10 grammes might currently reach more than 140,000 rupees on the country’s exchange markets. According to the latest report from the All Pakistan Supreme Council Jewelers Association, the cost of one tola of gold has increased by one hundred rupees in the most recent week.

A similar trend can be seen with the price of 10 grammes of gold, which increased by Rs 1715, going from Rs 1,38,288 to Rs 1,40,033. There has never been a time in Pakistan’s history when the price of 10 grammes of gold was more than Rs 1,40,000. This has never happened. It has also been said that, not just in Pakistan but all across the globe, the price of gold is rising at an increasing rate.

It would seem that prices are moving in an upward direction. The cost of gold has increased by $39 since yesterday. On the international market, the price of an ounce of gold has increased from $1759 to $1798. This represents a rise of 3%. The widespread belief is that the enormous increase in the price of gold in Pakistan may be attributed to the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee, which has occurred during the last several years.

According to reports from the State Bank, the value of one dollar has increased by more than 40 rupees on the currency market in the first eight months of the current federal administration in the nation. This increase in value occurred during the first eight months of the current federal administration. On the other hand, prominent journalists and economic experts question the accuracy of these numbers. At the moment, one dollar is equivalent to a lot more than 223.

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