In Kuwait, a woman who refuses to have sex will be brutally murdered

In Kuwait, a woman who refuses to have sex will be brutally murdered. The brutal murder of a woman in the state of Kuwait has caused a wave of outrage. In this case, the people are also criticizing the concerned authorities. According to Al-Arabiya News, a cruel young man in Kuwait brutally stabbed a woman to death in front of her children and then left her body at the door of the hospital and fled.Deep sorrow and grief have been expressed on social media over the incident and Kuwaiti citizens have demanded that the accused involved in the incident be declared guilty. The victim had also filed a case against the alleged killer for making threats. ۔ The man had asked for the victim’s whereabouts but his family refused.

A few months ago, the suspect was arrested at the request of the victim’s sister, but was later released on bail by a court.He abducted the woman and her children on Tuesday, took them to the city of Sabah al-Salem, stabbed them to death, and fled, leaving the body and children at the hospital.Social media users have identified him as Fahad Subhi Mohammed. He is 30 years old. His mother is a Kuwaiti citizen but his father is a foreigner.

A video of the victim’s mother and sister has also been released on social media, sighing outside the hospital and cursing authorities who did nothing about the alleged killer’s threats, the Interior Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday. The alleged killer, Fahd Sabhi, has been arrested. Hundreds of Kuwaitis have reacted strongly to the brutal killing of women on Twitter and other social media platforms.

They are expressing their feelings under the hashtags “Sabah Al-Salam Jurm” and “I am the next target”. Some of them have written that “women are no longer safe in Kuwait. The law does not give them any protection.” They are being harassed and killed every day. This situation is not acceptable at all. “Many users have written that” when the killer was threatening the woman, then why did the authorities bail her out. He should have been detained. “

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