How To Tell If Your Monitor is 4k & 1080p or 720p

Do you want to improve video performance? Or do you want to know what kind of video your screen can play? Know that if you want to make any changes, you must first know the video settings for your screen. But then comes the question how do you know if your screen is 1080p we told you to step by step. This is where you come in. I will tell you how you can determine the screen resolution of your computer.

How To Determine The Resolution Of any Monitor

How To Tell If Your Monitor is 1080p or 720p

Be aware that the way you monitor your monitor settings depends on the type of system you have. So, here I will talk about the steps to find out the screen resolution settings for different operating systems.

For Windows 10

  1. Here you first need to press the Windows logo key. In the popup that appears in the search bar, you need to type the display and press Enter.
  2. This action will take you to Settings. Go to the section called System and select the Display option.
  3. You will see a scale and layout section there. Under the resolution there, you will find that the screen dimensions currently in use are listed correctly.
  4. If you want to change the resolution, choose from the ones shown on the screen.
  5. To make changes, you need to click the down arrow in the resolution box. And Doing so will bring up a drop-down menu. From this menu, you need to change the display settings as you wish.
  6. Note that in this dropdown, you will see that the suggested resolution is listed. Also, here you will find the highest display settings that your computer can display. So you know if your screen supports 1080p or not.

For Windows 8, Vista, and 7

  1. You need to press the key with the Windows logo and then change the display settings in the search bar that will appear. After that, press Enter.
  2. A window with the currently used display resolution will appear. You will find this number next to the Resolution title box.
  3. Click the down arrow if you want to change the display settings on your monitor. You will find it in the title box of the resolution. A drop-down menu will appear, after which you can choose your choice.

Note that the dimensions shown at the top show the highest possible resolution that a computer monitor can display.

For Windows 98, 95, 2000, XP, and ME

  1. Go to Control Panel and then double click on the View option. And You will be taken to the settings window. There will be a section titled Screen.
  2. Go there, and you’ll find that the dimensions below the selected slider show the current screen resolution.
  3. To change the resolution, you need to move the slider to the right or left. Knowing that moving it to the right will give you more options for accuracy and less accuracy on the left.
  4. After setting the display settings, click Apply then OK.

For macOS

  1. You need to go to the menu status bar and then click on the Apply button. This will take you to the Apple menu.
  2. There you need to click on System Preferences. Then you need to select a display option.
  3. This will take you to another window, where you will need to make sure you select the “View” tab at the top. Next, you need to stick to the option before clicking on the button next to the scaled option.
  4. Note that the number that appears in the selected blue box the moment you expand the previously named scaled menu is the current display resolution. The largest dimension listed there is the local resolution of the screen.
  5. Be aware that you can change the resolution by simply clicking on the option in the drop-down list.

I have included in detail here how you can know the current display resolution and then change it as needed. So if you follow the steps carefully, you will get the desired results.

How do I know if my monitor is 4k?

Right-click on the desktop, and go to “Screen Resolution”. What is listed in the dropdown as above / recommended? If it’s 3840 x 2160 then you have 4K.

How to check if my laptop is Full HD

To Check Your Laptop full HD or not Very easy Go to Settings, click System, click Display, then Advanced Display Settings. The recommended resolution is the actual resolution, which resolution you should use.

How to find out monitor resolution

  1. Type the display settings in the search bar of the Start menu in the lower-left corner of your screen.
    Click to open.
  2. Scroll down to the Scale and Layout section and find the Resolution drop-down box.
  3. Write the said decision. Ideally, its two numbers (recommended) should be entered after them.
  4. To adjust the resolution, select the second option from the dropdown box. All you have to do is look at what is right for your computer. If you choose someone else and are not satisfied with the way it appears, you can always change it.

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