How To Get New Emirates ID if Id Lost, Damaged, Or Stolen

The Emirates ID is an identity card given by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICA) in the UAE. They likewise provide the residents and residents to supplant their Emirates IDs on the off chance that in case they are damaged, lost, or stolen. Your emirates id lost? Then, at that point, you are in the ideal spot.

Be that as it may, in case you are a UAE resident or public. You may realize that your Emirates ID is the main record in UAE. The Emirates ID is your identity as a resident. Furthermore, there is a requirement for documentation you need to convey here. Notwithstanding, this documentation can be your driving permit, leasing a property, getting utility associations, etc.

Besides, an Emirates ID is important for each resident, resident and this emirates id ought to be with you constantly. It demonstrates and affirms your identity. Or on the other hand with this, you can have the option to utilize every one of the administrations.

Documents Required For Emirates Id Lost

  • Identification/Passport
  • Family book(UAE Nationals)
  • Copy of lost Emirates ID card
  • UAE Visa(Expats)
  • Birth Certificate(For kids under 15 years)

Documents Required According To Age, GCC, And UAE National and much More

  • Nonetheless, in case you are a UAE National or a GCC Citizen, you will require the accompanying reports to get to the help:
  • There is a requirement for a finished application structure (the application structure is accessible on the web and at any certified Typing Center)
  • It requires a unique valid identification
  • Be that as it may, likewise requires a unique valid family book
  • There is a requirement for verification of residencies, for example, a unique valid work authentication, land rent or proprietorship contract, business permit, school enrollment endorsement, declaration of reliance, valid marriage contract, or a business card
  • Besides, the IDN Certificate was given and stepped by the enlistment Center.

Documents Required For Children Under 15 Years Old

  • It requires a visit to the Registration Center isn’t required, a hued identification size (4.5 x 3.5 cm) photograph with a white foundation can be submitted all things being equal
  • Besides, biometric information isn’t required
  • Notwithstanding, ID cards for infants require the accommodation of a copy of the birth declaration notwithstanding the previously mentioned report prerequisites. Besides, the parent should likewise introduce their valid ID card.
  • Record required in case you are over the age of 70 years of age. That individual will get social government assistance or have extra requirements:
  • Nonetheless, you are excluded from the extra expenses of administrations identified with the ID, however not the postponed charges.
  • Besides, clients with extraordinary necessities are absolved from the extra administration’s expenses just as the ID card charges however not the defer charges.
  • Nonetheless, clients with extra necessities are needed to present a duplicate of confirmation of incapacity affirmed by their doctors

How To Get New Emirates ID if Id Lost, Damaged, Or Stolen

How To Get New Emirates ID if Id Lost, Damaged, Or Stolen

On the off chance that you have damaged or lost your Emirates ID card or trust it to be stolen, you should contact ICA to demand a replacement straight away. The method involved with acquiring a replacement follows four basic advances

First Report the incident

On the main occasion, you should contact your closest Customer Happiness Center to report your card damaged, lost, or stolen. On the off chance that your card is damaged, carry the former one with you. In case it is lost or stolen, you ought to request a duplicate of the ID for you to keep meanwhile.

Second Apply for a replacement

Next, you should fill in the application for a replacement ID either face to face or through the ICA site or application.

3rd Pay charges

The expense for a replacement Emirates ID card is AED 300 or more AED 70 while applying in a composing community and AED 40 if applying on the web. The express replacement administration costs AED 150.

Collect your new ID

As soon as your ID is prepared, you will get an SMS from ICA. Replacements are normally given within 24 hours.

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