How To Fix Mouse And Keyboard Work In BIOS And Not In Windows

Did you suddenly realize that your keyboard and mouse are working in the BIOS and not in Windows? But there is no need to worry. Know that there is nothing to worry about. This is a very common problem, and there are many ways to fix it. Here I will tell you all how to fix it.

However, before I begin, make sure your keyboard and mouse are working properly on another system. This will allow you to rule out a faulty hardware issue. Now, once these doubts have been resolved, it is time to read the following.

Steps To fix a Mouse and keyboard that only works in BIOS and not in Windows?

How To Fix Mouse And Keyboard Work In BIOS And Not In Windows

Here are some ways you can make sure your Windows mouse and keyboard work smoothly.

Use the external mouse and keyboard

To fix this, you must first connect an additional external keyboard and mouse to your computer. Once the two devices are connected, it’s time to follow these steps

  1. Be aware that you may need to enable the BIOS for the legacy USB support feature. For this, you need to turn off your computer and then press the power button again to restart the system.
  2. Now, as soon as you enter the BIOS, you immediately need to constantly press the F8 key. Then press the arrow keys on the external keyboard to access the Advanced tab.
  3. Then you need to go to the USB Legacy Support option and make sure it is enabled.
  4. Next, you need to press the F10 key. This will save the changes you need, and allow you to exit the BIOS screen. Now you need to restart your computer.

Disable the driver named Intel Integrated Sensor Solutions

To do this you need to press the Windows button with the R button. This will open the run. There you need to type devmgmt.msc. Then, click on the OK option. This should pull the device manager.

  1. In Device Manager, you need to add a category called System Devices. Here you will find the Intel Integrated Sensor Solutions tab. Now you need to right-click on it.
  2. Now you need to select the option that says Disable the device. Then click Yes when asked to select an action. After disabling it, you must close Device Manager before restarting your computer.

Update your drivers.

  1. First, you’ll need an external keyboard and mouse. Once connected to your laptop or desktop, you can get started.
  2. Now you need to access the desktop taskbar and then select the Device Manager option. Next, you need to select the device that you want to update from the list provided.
  3. Now, click on the Automatic Search option to get the latest software for your driver. Then select the option to update the driver software. It should update your Windows 10 operating system.
  4. But if the operating system is not updated, it simply means that you have to go to the official website of the manufacturer and then download the latest drivers from there.

Switch to Safe Mode

  1. To use this option, you must first go to Safe Mode and then to the Control Panel option.
  2. Once you’re in Control Panel, you’ll find user accounts there. Go there, then remove your password.
    Once you do that, the splash screen thing should be completely ignored. This ensures that the keyboard and mouse are working properly.
  3. Another small step you can try is to press the Start button when you turn on your computer. However, if none of the above works, you should take your system to a PC repair shop.

Use System Restore

  1. To do this you first need to press Windows and then type reverse point. Next, select the option that prompts you to create a restore point.
  2. When you are in the System Properties window, you must select the key that says System Restore. Now, you need to select the restore point that was created recently.
  3. Once you have made your choice, click on the next option. Then, click Finish. However, I advise you to read the details provided carefully. After that, your system should restart, and your desktop will be restored to the selected restore point.

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