How To Check For Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

Checking into the hotel for the holidays USA? Beware of bed bugs. Hotels and motels can be hot spots for the infection of small, reddish-brown insects, which can live happily in bed and deliver goods and clothes home.

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Bed bugs eat the blood of people and animals, usually when they sleep. There have been many studies that show that bed bugs do not transmit diseases like mosquitoes.

If vampires enter your luggage and go home with you, they can take up residence in your mattresses, box springs, and furniture, which can potentially cause an attack. This is a Christmas present that no one wants.

How To Check For Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

Like our homes, hotels are prone to bed bugs. In fact, hotels allow bed bugs to sneak into guests’ luggage. As a precaution, you can ask the hotel about the history of bed bugs in your room before checking out. Hotel staff will be trained on how to check for bed bugs in a hotel room.

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Even if a room has recently been searched, you should inspect your room thoroughly to make sure you are not carrying unwanted bed bugs in the house. Here are Top ways to check for bed bugs in a hotel.

How To Check For Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

When you first enter a new hotel room, place your luggage on the luggage rack or in the bathroom an unlikely place for bed bugs when checking bedding and furniture.

Pull back the bedsheets and blankets and check for bugs, especially mattresses and box spring seams on the head of the bed. Adults, eggs, and eggs can be seen with the naked eye. Also, keep your eyes peeled for eosinophils (shrimp that insects leave behind) and black, rusty spots. You can also pick up the mattress and, if possible, check the bottom with a flashlight.

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How To Check For Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

Potter says that Also, consider checking the furniture. If I’m traveling, I’ll take a look at the length of a sofa or chain, if any in the seam and head and neck area. If you see a warning sign, tell the hotel staff and request a new room, preferably in another part of the building.

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Keep your bag, zipper, luggage rack, or hard surface for the duration of your stay. You can also pack large plastic garbage bags and keep your luggage inside while staying at the hotel. Potter said If there are bugs, sometimes they get into things, and the more things around you, the more likely it is to happen.

When you get home, if you have trouble getting one or two timid passengers home, keep your travel clothes in a warm dryer for 30 minutes. The Heat will kill bed bugs, easily but washing clothes usually won’t.

You should not carry luggage in the bag once you enter the room. This bed is commonplace for insect nests. Instead, keep your belongings in the bathroom. Acrylic bathroom hardware, such as bathtubs, is very slippery for bed bugs. After moving your bag, start looking for bed bugs immediately. Common areas of injury include mattresses, headboards, and luggage racks.

Also check the furniture near the bed, such as a nightstand or pictures hanging on the wall. Remember that bed bugs prefer quiet and dark places, which means there may be a good place to hide any cracks or fissures in the room.

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Tips for finding bed bugs in hotels often involve finding signs of infection. One such sign is to look for eosinophils that flow as bed bugs grow. Exoskeletons look like empty yellow shells scattered near their hiding places. Other symptoms include small blood spots, which may be easier to see on light or white objects.

If you notice any of these signs, notify the front desk immediately. The hotel will move you to a new room. Bed bugs can travel through common walls and into surrounding rooms. Accordingly, you can order a transfer to another part of the hotel or to another destination. If you are worried about your luggage, you can ask the hotel staff for plastic bags. They can help keep the contaminants out until an expert arrives.

Bed bugs can also find their way into washing dirty clothes. In a study by the University of Sheffield, researchers found that bed bugs are more likely to accumulate on dirty clothes than on clean ones. This may be due to the odor left on the clothes which mimic the smell of the food source. Therefore, you should put dirty clothes in bags and keep them separate from clean clothes. If you suspect an infection, it may be helpful to keep bagged clothes in the bathtub. This bed can trap insects and prevent them from spreading to other areas of the room.

Not everyone knows how to check bed bugs in hotel rooms. This means that bed bugs can cling to your belongings and end up in your home. As a best practice, you should seek professional help immediately. By meeting with Terminix®, our trained professionals can help treat affected areas. In addition, we can help test other areas of your home where bed bugs can be transmitted.

How To Protect Yourself from Bed bugs

Reduce the clutter Random beds are the best habitat for insects whether at home, school, or office. By reducing clutter in your workplace or school, you provide fewer places to hide bed bugs and fewer opportunities for them to enter your home.

Keep your belongings separate from other people’s belongings. If there is a known problem with bed bugs in the office or school, consider storing your luggage in a plastic box.

How To Check For Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

Multiple views in the same area can indicate an infection or multiple redemptions from one’s home.
Educate employees so they know what to do if they find a bug that looks like a bed bug.

Be wary of areas where bed bugs are present, including restrooms, storage areas, offices or lounges that have furniture, or areas where people can relax.

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Have a monitoring program so that if bed bugs are found in an area, the condition of that area can be monitored regularly.

Discourage bed bug panic and stigma. They are contradictory and can make treatment more difficult.
Vacuum daily to catch any stray insects before they settle.

What I do If Bed Bug is Found

Inform management and facility personnel who take the lead in any control efforts.

Hire a pest control professional who uses integrated pest management techniques.

Treat only if a real breeding bed bug is found. Remember that a single bed bug is not an infection.

You can reduce the exposure of a pesticide worker or student on a Friday evening, or any other time when the occupants of the building are not present.

Warn everyone who works in the building. Explain to staff how the vision will be handled. This allows them to take extra precautions to protect their homes as well as reduce rumors and speculation.

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