How to check Etisalat postpaid balance by SMS 2022

Today We Know How to check Etisalat postpaid Balance by SMS Etisalat Postpaid Balance Check Online  with My Etisalat App or from Website and by sms or Check Postpaid Minutes, data Balance and much more, Check Plan Detail or Bill Payment everything is Very Simple we train you step by step To Check Balance In Etisalat postpaid sin UAE. Etisalat Postpaid Balance Check Online and by sms.

Etisalat is the brand name of Emirates Telecommunications Group Firm PJSC, which is an Emirati company that provides services in the area of telecommunications and goes by the name Emirates Telecommunications Group Company. Because it serves more than 167 million customers throughout 15 distinct Asian countries, it is now ranked as the 12th largest voice carrier across the whole of the world.

At the present time, Etisalat is the 12th biggest telecoms service provider in the world in terms of revenue. It was established in 1976 with its headquarters located in Abu Dhabi. There are around 150 million customers now using Etisalat’s services in Africa and the Middle East combined. In addition to voice and internet services, Etisalat provides its customers with access to a vast array of other options, such as the ability to pay bills, load phone credit, watch TV channels, get a landline, and a great deal more.

How to check Etisalat postpaid balance by SMS

The My Etisalat UAE app can be found in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Make sure that the same sim card is in all of your phones. Once you’ve logged into the app for the first time, choose “Individual Access With SMS” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen.

A pop-up message will appear asking for an access token before you can use the programme. After that, click “Proceed” on your message screen to send the SMS that shows up. After that, you’ll be able to see information about your account on the app.

How to check Etisalat postpaid balance by SMS

Send the word “DATA” to 1010. Open the app you use to talk to people. Type DATA in the space for text. In the to field, type 1010. Just click the Send button on your keyboard to send your message.

Enter *170# into the dialer on your phone. Please wait a few seconds before pushing the Call Button. You can see how much postpaid data you have left in a pop-up message that appears on your screen.

Etisalat postpaid balance check Number

Simply entering the USSD number *142# immediately from the app on your phone enables you to check the postpaid balance of your account in a flash and at no cost. As you can see, utilising the My Etisalat app to check your postpaid balance may be done in a matter of less than two minutes. This does not include the amount of time needed to install the programme itself.

If you have a postpaid SIM card, you have until the last day of the month to settle any expenses associated with your phone. The following is a list of methods that you may check the etisalat balance on a postpaid sim card. To acquire your data and data enquiry, call *170#. Simply dialling *140# will provide you with information on your flax minutes. To check the remaining minutes on your postpaid phone, dial *121*37#.

To call Etisalat and find out the balance Call 121 to ask any question about your Etisalat balance or how it is being used. To check your Etisalat balance, you can also call *170#. To find out about minutes, dial *140#.

Etisalat Postpaid Balance Check Online

Download the My Etisalat app, then follow the steps below to check your postpaid balance online with Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Download the My Etisalat app to your Android or iOS mobile device. You can get the app from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Next, open the My Etisalat app and sign in with the username and password you made earlier.

3. Go to the “Usage” section and look there to see how much money you have left.

4. People with Etisalat postpaid mobile SIM cards can check their postpaid balances on their phones by entering the USSD code * 140 #.

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