Get a Zong Tax Certificate in 2 Minute

A company’s Zong tax certificate is a critical document. You may use it as proof that the firm has paid its taxes on time and avoid being penalized by the authorities. You may complete the procedure online by logging into your Ministry of Finance account, but you’ll need all of your login credentials to do so. A lot of organizations specialize in helping businesses like yours; just make sure they’ve dealt with these kinds of paperwork before if you’re not confident you can do it yourself.

Anyone doing business in China will require a Zong Tax Certificate. All foreign enterprises functioning in the nation must register with the government and get a tax certificate prior to being allowed to lawfully operate, according to the legislation.

Open My Zong and input your Zong sim number. A confirmation SMS with the PIN will be issued to your phone. Log in using your PIN. On the My Zong home page, choose Tax Certificate. When finished, click Download Tax Certificate. Here is a full guide and various ways to download Zong Tax Certificate easily from your mobile.

Get a Zong Tax Certificate from My Zong App

Get a Zong Tax Certificate in 2 Minute

To begin, go to Google Play or the App Store and download My Zong.

Log In With Your Zong Phone Number.

then go to your phone’s App Store and download My Zong Please enter your username and password and log in.

After that, tap Show All Options on the Phone Screen to see all of your available options.

The third line of the Tax Certificate menu must be shown. Simply choose this alternative by clicking on it.

After you’ve opened a new tab or window

Now insert the certificate date’s start date” and “end date.

When you’re finished, click “Download Tax Certificate” and wait for it to download.

In addition, you’ll be able to get your tax certificate right away through a mobile device.

Get a Zong Tax Certificate from Zong E-Care

You may check and download your Tax Certificate on the official Zong E-Care website. Additionally, this portal was created with both pre-paid and post-pay customers in mind so that you will always have access to it regardless of the plan or account type that best matches your requirements.

Open your favorite web browser, type into the address bar, and press search.

Now, enter your Zong mobile phone number into the box provided.

When you’ve entered all the necessary characters, a picture will appear.

Then, to access your Account, click on the login link.

Now, you’ll have a code sent to your phone number through SMS from Zong, and you’ll need to enter the pin OTP code on the next page to proceed.

As soon as Zong E-home Care’s page has opened, you’ll be sent there.

After that, choose Usage History from the drop-down menu that appears on the right side of the screen.

Simply specify the Date/Year and click Get Zong Tax Certificate to get your certificate.

Get a Zong Tax Certificate Via email & Number

Access email on any device, including a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Create a new email and send it. Simply fill out an application for a tax certificate and include your CNIC, zoning number, name, and city name.

HI Zong, for instance. A tax certificate is something I’m in dire need of. Request a 2018-21 Tax Collection Certificate be sent to my email. Your phone number 03xxxxxx and CNIC 1-zzzz7363 are respected by me. Thank you. Send it as soon as possible. Thanks

You may reach customer service by sending an email to [email protected] or customerservices@zong, respectively.

Your application for a Zong Tax Certificate is now being processed, and you should have your Tax Certificate within the next 4 business hours. I really hope this approach is beneficial to you.

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