Check final exit Visa online In Saudi Arabia

Final exit visa means the visa when you Decide to Leave Saudi Arabia permanently for any reason. And once decide to exit the visa, then You cannot Enter again on the same visa Iqama.

Sometimes sponsor & Company are not happy with you and cancels visa. In that case, there is nothing can do about it. If you speak ill of them, you could be fined and even jailed. There is nothing you can do but come home. stay in Saudi Arabia for TWO months after the Visa Cancel. Must return within two months.

Spending a specified time in your home country and decide to back to Saudi Arabia. Issue a new visa and iqama, because the previous visa cannot work. Or issue a New Visa after the Final exit.

If you request an exit visa and know its status online. The Absher and MOL are the best websites to Know status online and other information.

Check Final exit status (khurooj Nehai Status) online KSA

There is 2 easiest Process to Find status.

  1. Through Absher Account
  2. Through MOL(ministry of labor)

First, we check through by Absher Method. Before check status, you have an Account. I have not created first and then follow these simple steps. You can also perform this process through Absher mobile app by downloading an app from plays tore or click here

1. Visit the official website of “” Click here

2. Chose “ENGLISH” Language

3. Enter “USERNAME” and “PASSWORD” fill “CAPTCHA” code and Press the “LOGIN” Button

4. Enter “CONFIRMATION CODE” receive on sim Enter it and press Login Button

5. On Dashboard In My Services Click on “SERVICES”



6. In Next Window Click On “PASSPORTS”



7. In the Next window Click on “PERSONAL INFORMATION”



8. Now All Information Includes Your “VISA CLASS SHOW”



Check Final Exit Visa By MOL website

Ministry of Labor is the easiest way to know your Visa class online. here is a procedure to get detail about Visa. Sometimes this website cannot work from Out Side KSA. Use any VPN Connect to Saudi server and check detail.

Go to the “MOL” By Click here
Type¬† “IQAMA NUMBER” and Chose your “NATIONALITY”
Fill Image “CODE” and press the “SEARCH” Button
Now “VISA CLASS SHOW” easily read



How To Print Out Final Exit Visa?

One Exit visa ready notification received from Jawazat. Just Request To Kafeel or Sponsor to bring out the print of the visa. without kafeel no more way to get print online.

How To Get Final Exit visa without iqama?



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