Extend Your Qatar Tourist Visa for Another 30 Days

You would think that the process of visa extension in Qatar would be complicated and you would need a lot of time and money, but in reality, the opposite is true.

To attract more tourists to visit and explore these Gulf wonders, Qatar is facilitating the visa extension process. So if you want to visit your relatives, Qatar now makes it easy for everyone to extend their visas.

Qatar visa extension of 30 days

Holders of visa-free passports from 80 countries have the right to stay in Qatar for 6 months. Upon arrival, a free multi-entry discount will be issued. All they need to do is provide immigration with an accurate address of where they are staying, such as a hotel or a friend’s home address where they will be staying.

For passport holders who are eligible for 30-day visa-free entry, they can extend the visa waiver by 30 days for a single trip or multiple trips (within the permit period). Note that no No additional extensions will be provided.

To apply for a 30-day extension, visitors with a 30-day visa waiver can go to the Interior Ministry’s immigration office, which can be found inside Hamad International Airport or at its branch office in the cargo terminal.

Now it has become easier as the ministry has launched an online visa extension that is available at the Ministry of Interior service centers across Qatar.

The Process of Extending Your Visit Visa in Qatar

By allowing citizens of 80 countries to enter the country without a visa, Qatar is now one of the most open countries in the world.

To attract more tourists to the country, the government has facilitated visa extension procedures. This can be done in just two easy steps. Yes, two And it’s not a regular process. All you need is

  • Visit the Ministry of Immigration office or any service center of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Show your passport and back at the ticket counter. And if necessary, pay the necessary fees for visa extension.

To apply online, you can follow this link from the Ministry of Interior website. Although there are some important points to remember here is a Link Click Here

  • The home office is closed on weekends, so be sure to visit during business hours on Saturdays
  • Always check for any updates to the rules as they may change without notice

To ensure the approval of the family visa application, make sure you submit all the relevant documents required by the embassy. To avoid difficulties at the immigration office, the visa must be verified by the embassy in your home country before departure.

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