Exit Reentry Visa- Check In KSA 2021

Now in Saudi Arabia one of the Best methods to Exit reentry Visa Check Status Online. Is a Muqeem Process.  without this visa, you cannot go to any country if you want. If your government issues this visa. You can easily go to this country. After spending a limited time period In a Specific country. go back to your country again. And this Visa Called Exit Re-entry Visa.

Muqeem is an official website with great service. Where you can check your All Visa Status. Putting some Information. You Can check All About your Visa like Exit re-entry. Its Duration etc. Today we will find out from the same Methods. Knowing visa status is very important, check your Visa validity online click here

How To Check Exit Reentry Visa status In KSA?


exit reentry visa check in saudi arabia


Exit reentry Visa Validity

1.  Go to the official website Muqeem.sa Click here

2. Chose”ENGLISH” language from the top of the corner

3.  In verify Using, Select the “VISA NUMBER” here

4.  “ENTER VISA NUMBER” In Visa Number portion

5.  In Matching Using Chose One like Passport no, name, expiry date, etc. Chose here “PASSPORT NUMBER”


7. Finally Click on the “CHECK” Green Button

8. All “VISA DETAIL SHOW” and also other detail.


Exit reentry Visa


Exit Reentry Visa Expiry date how to Know?

The Final Result will appear. Which includes your All Personal Information About visa. Return Before date is the Expiry date.

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Visa Number
  3. Passport Number
  4. Your Visa Duration
  5. visa Issue date In (Hijri) and Gregorian)
  6. And Return Before Date (Hijri) and Gregorian)
  7. Visa Type
  8. Inside/Outside Kingdom Info

How To check exit reentry Visa Video Guide?

How to Print Exit Reentry Visa Saudi Arabia?

Different ways to print Your Visa From Different ways like Print visa from Moi or Print visa from Absher both are very easy. And its Print methods are the same. But We told you a Muqeem Process through www.eserve.com.sa.

how to print exit rentry visa saudia rabia-min


Print Exit Reentry Visa

1. Go to the website of “eserve.com.sa” by clicking here

2. In the Check Using option select “IQAMA NO” Or visa No

3. If you have selected an Iqama number, “ENTER IQAMA NO” Below.

4. From the front of Cross Match by select anyone like Name, “DATE OF BIRTH” or Iqama expiry date, etc.

5. Write down the “ENTER VALUE “you have selected above

6. Final Click On “CHECK” Button

7. Now want To print your Exit reentry visa top on the corner “CLICK THREE DOTS”

8. Just the “CLICK VISA PRINT” option

New Rules Of Saudi Exit reentry Visa 2021

The term and Conditions also mention on the website page when you apply for an exit visa in full detail. Also here are the rules of an Exit Re-entry visa.

1. issued exit reentry visa should be used within 3 months from the date of Issuance. otherwise Fine applicable on you

2. If you want to cancel the exit re-entry visa within 3 months no fine applies to you.

3. Make sure that Your passport Number & full name and Visa is the same as Your original passport

4. Visa Holder Must travel with his All family Members if names mention on Visa

5. No fees will be refunded, whether you use a visa or not or cancel During 3 months

6. if Exit reentry expire Employ & sponsor easily extend visa through the Ministry of Foreign affair website online (MOFA)

7. Your Passport Validity for more than 3 months. Minimum  90 days remaining and maximum it depends on your choice.

8. Make Sure Return Before date

9. Make Sure the Selected date is Your Last Date to Return to KSA

Exit re-entry visa fees

200 Saudi rial is a fee for the First 2 month or less than a 2-month exit reentry visa

Extra Month added after first 2 months 100 SR will be added for each month

Saudi exit re-entry visa duration?

1. Business Visa Single Person  “BETWEEN 1 To 3 MONYH”

2. Multiple Entry  “BETWEEN 6MONYH TO 5 YEARS”

Many types of visas issued in Saudi Arabia. like Business visa and personal etc. Business visa Validity Between 1 to 3 Months for a  Single person. And Multiple entries Via Between 6 Months to 5 years. Almost Visa Duration 1 Years. if you want to know your visa expiry date online read our new article by click here

How Many Types of Service Muqeem Provide?

  1. A lot of Services include:
  2. Issue & Cancel Visa
  3. Final exit Visa & Print reentry visa
  4. Issue and Renew the Resident permit
  5. Sponsorship transfer
  6. Renew and Print Passport
  7. Subscription & Transfer Payment
  8. Profession Modifications
  9. Iqama No And another form Electronically Typically
  10. Residence Permit printing.

Passport Validity For Exit Reentry Visa Duration?

The Validity Of the Original Passport is 6 Months. And in Some Time Temporary  Saudi Arabia Exit visa Re-entry extended. So it’s very Necessary To Renew your Visa before expiry.

What is Single Exit Reentry Visa Validity & Multiple?

Every type of Visa have a different duration here is a list of Visas and their validity

1. Single visa Up to “1 MONTH”

2. Multiple Visa Up to “3 MONTH”

3. EVisa Up to “3 MONTH”

4. hajj & Umrah Visa Up to “30 DAYS”


We Hope in this Easy way without Absher. Exit re-entry visa check status is very easy. This method is very good.  if you are in the Kingdom or Outside of Kingdom. You Can Easily Check Free All About your Visa.

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