Etisalat Postpaid Balance Check Online 2022

Today We Know How To Etisalat Postpaid Balance Check Online and by sms or Check Postpaid Minutes, data Balance, Check Plan Detail or Bill Payment everything is Very Simple we guide you step by step To Check Balance In Etisalat postpaid sin UAE.

Etisalat is the brand name of Emirates Telecommunications Group Company PJSC, which is an Emirati company that offers services in the field of telecommunications. It has more over 167 million users in 15 different Asian nations, which places it as the 12th biggest voice carrier in the whole globe.

Currently, Etisalat is the world’s 12th-largest telecommunications service provider by revenue. In 1976, it was created and based in Abu Dhabi. About 150 million people in the Middle East and Africa have signed up for Etisalat’s services now. Etisalat’s subscribers may take use of a wide range of other services in addition to voice and data, including bill payment, phone credit, TV channels, a landline, and much more.

Etisalat Postpaid Balance Check Online

Download the My Etisalat app, then proceed with the steps that are outlined below to check your postpaid balance online with Etisalat in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Install the My Etisalat app on your mobile device, whether it’s an Android or an iOS one. The application may be downloaded from the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

2. The next step is to start the My Etisalat app and log in using the username and password you created before.

3. Finally, find your current balance by going to the area labelled “Usage” and looking there.

4. Users of Etisalat postpaid mobile SIM cards may check their postpaid balances by using the USSD code * 140 # on their mobile phones.

Etisalat Postpaid Balance Check Online

You must pay your phone bill each month if you use a postpaid sim card. There are many methods to check the etisalat balance on a postpaid sim card Dial *170# to access your data and inquire about it.
For information on how many flax minutes you’ve consumed, phone *140#.

Dial *121*37# to see how many minutes you have remaining on your postpaid plan. Refilling the machine’s credit is as easy as inserting a credit card into the reader. AED 30, AED 55, AED 100, AED 250, and AED 500 may be used to recharge doubt. Those devices may be found all around the United Arab Emirates.

How To Check Balance In Etisalat postpaid Sim

Checking the Postpaid Balance Can Be Done in a Variety of Ways Etisalat sim uae is the same as You may check your Postpaid balance by Dialling *142#, or you can check your SIM balance by dialling *121*1#. Other approaches are available. Get the My Etisalat app on your phone and check your balance for free in one minute.

Wait a few seconds before Dialling *170# on your phone’s dialer. Your postpaid data balance will be shown to you in a pop-up notification. You will be alerted by SMS when you have used 80 percent, 90 percent, and 100 percent of your data packages.

How to Check Etisalat Postpaid Data Balance

To check your Etisalat postpaid internet balance, follow these instructions. Get the My Etisalat UAE app from the app store or play store.

Make sure you have the same sim card in both your cell phone and your tablet. Go to the login page and choose “Individual Access With SMS” from the drop-down menu.

Using the app, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up that asks you for an access token. To continue, click “Proceed.” Send the SMS that appears on your messaging screen. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to log into the app and see your account information.

How to check Etisalat postpaid balance by SMS

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store include the My Etisalat UAE app. Ensure that all of your phones are using the same sim card. Select “Individual Access With SMS” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the login screen once you’ve begun using the app for the first time.

In order to utilise the programme, you will be greeted with a pop-up message that asks for an access token. After that, click “Proceed” to send the SMS that appears on your message screen. Your account information will be available on the app after that.

Send “DATA” to the number 1010. Open the messaging app you use. Enter DATA in the text area provided. Type 1010 in the to field. To send your message, just click the Send button on your keyboard.

Enter *170# into your phone’s dialer Please wait a few seconds before pushing the Call Button. In a pop-up alert that appears on your screen, you can see how much postpaid data you have left.

Etisalat postpaid minutes check Code

You can check the balance of your postpaid account quickly and for free by entering the USSD code *142# right from the app on your phone. Checking your postpaid balance with the My Etisalat app can be done in less than two minutes, as you can see. This doesn’t include the time it takes to actually install the programme.

When you use Etisalat Flexi minutes, you can use the same number of minutes to make both local and international calls. Send an SMS with the word “NP” to 1012, use the My Etisalat UAE app, log in to with the account or phone number associated with your Etisalat service, or do all three! (For Package Details) Or, you can call *140# or *101#.

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