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In UAE Check Emirates ID Status 2021, Online is Highly important. In This Article, we Provide you All Information About Emirates ID. Emirates ID is the identity card issued by the Emirates identification authority.it is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and residents and they carry identity cards all time.

The id used for governmental or nongovernmental services. Even you cannot buy anything online if have not any card’s it’s very necessary for UAE. If you cannot renew your ID before 30 days of expiry, a fine added to Your ID.

If you have applied for a new ID card, or have already expired, sent a request for renewal, and want to check the Emirates Id status online from mobile/PC. whether Application is under process or Approved Or an objection to the application.

If You Renew Your Emirates or Make a New ID Card and Want To Track Your Emirates ID Online In Mobile here is a Complete procedure [Recommended: Track Your Emirates ID Card  Click here

If there is an objection to the application, you will be notified within a week and you have to fix it within one week. If you do not fix the objection within a week, you will have to pay the fee again and resubmit.

Now we tell you what  Document Require to Check UAE ID Card status online. If the card has already been created now expires, And the application for renewal has been sent, you must Have the first ID card number, Know the Current Id Card status.

People who are making id cards for the first time. You will be given a number when submitting the application. With this application number, you can track the  Emirates ID Status

How To Check Emirates Id Status online 2021 Through ICA Website?

The method we are going to tell you today is ica.gov.ae Website, if you live in Dubai, then the ICA UAE Website will easily open on mobile and laptop. And if you are outside of UAE use any VPN on the Dubai server then the website easily open.

Emirates ID Status 

1. To Check Emirates ID Status, go to the official website ICA by click here

2. From the Homepage click on Service then Chose priority service

3. Now ID Card option will be shown

4. Now Enter Your ID Number OR Application Number and press the Check Button

Emirates ID Status


5. Your eid Application Status will be shown. in this picture below status is your card is printed collect from EPOST or notified you.


Emirates ID Status


7. When the ID card is ready, Your card will be delivered to your home address or company address. you can also pick emirates Id Card from their office.

ICA Application Status

ICA Application Status Check is very Important living In Kuwait. Emirates IID Card Status and Other Type Of All services related to Non-citizens Check By ICA website. In ICA Application Status Includes your Application Number (PRAN). Application Type mentions like New or Renewal and Emirates ID Duration and Your Emirates ID Number.

And Current Status means card printed or Not if Your card printed Collect From EMPOST Center or Automatically Receched On Your Given Address. Check or Renewal Emirates ID Status ICA website Click here

How to Check Emirates ID Renewal Status online?

Before the Expiry date of your ID, Renew it fast otherwise 20 AED daily fine applies to you. To Check The Emirates ID Renewal Status Given the time period is 1 month otherwise fine applies to your ID. This card approved by ICA, if your Dubai visa is for 2 years or 1 year, Emirates id also valid for the same years.[Recommended: Check Emirates ID Registered Mobile Number

Before 30 days left to your card expiry, you need to renew your Emirates ID Card, its very important in UAE please care for your ID card.

After applying for a renewal id application the next step is to check online very important. Because if any problem occurs, solve it 1-week otherwise pay again renewal fees. If Your ID expires you cannot buy anything online in UAE. Cannot pass any transaction like in Banks etc.

Every person has a question, How to check Emirates ID Renewal status online? The process is really simple to check the status of your card. The method we share with you is the ICA website very helpful to know all about visas and other services provide free of cost.

Just you have your Old ID No, or Application No with the help of you will be able to know your status.

It’s the same procedure for UAE citizens or non-citizens to check renewal status. ICA website easily opens in Dubai. But cannot open from outside of Dubai. So use Any Emirates ID Renewal VPN connects UAE server to know status your or your friends status.

Check Emirates ID Renewal Status

1. First visit the ICA website for Check Renewal Status by click here

2. For Emirates ID Renewal Find  ID Card Status and click it

3. Now ID card option will be shown


Emirates ID Status


4. Now Enter Your ID Number OR Application Number Press check Button,

5. ID Renewal Detail will be shown

6. When the ID card is ready, Your card will be delivered to your home address or company address.

Emirates id renewal processing time?

New id card or application for renewal, the processing time is very fast in the UAE. Mostly under 3  to 7 days card arrived on your home or company address. If any problem comes with your documents then processing time lasts for ten days.

What is emirates id renewal fees?

Renewal fees continue to increase every year. New emirates ID renewal fees are 300 AED. Fees are almost the same Make a new card or renew.

How to Renew Emirates ID Card Online In UAE?

Emirates ID is Your identity card issued by the Dubai Government for Citizens and non-citizens. The card is very important in the UAE for traveling shopping and work. Most people go to the typing center or any agents to renew their Emirates ID.

But now it’s very easy to renew a card online from home and office. Usually, the Renew card is your responsibility.[Recommended: Complete procedure to Etisalat & DU and Others United Arab emirates Mobile Sim Renewal Emirates ID Online Click here

30 days left from expiry apply for a renewal. Or any late for renewal card the results 20 AED per day fine applied on you, and unto 1000 AED maximum added to your Emirates id Renewal online.

There are two online ways you can renew your card. The 1st from the ICA website and the 2nd is BIZ. Do not make any mistakes while applying online, the rejection will come of your application. We also guide what documents require for renewal card.

usually, the card arrives within a week. If you need an urgent ID card, ICA will provide a service the name is Fawari It will make you a card within 24 hours and charge you extra.

What Documents Required To Emirates ID Renewal Online?

Before applying or Renew Emirates ID for a card make sure these 4 documents in your hand (1).Emirates ID, (2).Your original Passport, (3).Credit Card, (4).Visa page on Passport (orange visa stamp).

1. For extra uploading documents these softcopies are necessary

2. Front and Backside Scans ID Card

3. Scan UAE Visa Page

4. scan copy of Passport including personal & family detail

Online UAE ID renewal Procedure

1. Submit your Application for renewal ID.

2. Pay the required fees

3. Update biometric if necessary

4. Put complete residency procedure

5. After entering all the information and documents, each and everything is ok to wait a maximum of 1 week for your id card to arrive at your home address or company address.

How To Renew Emirates ID Card Online?

Here is a Complete Procedure to Renew Your Emirates ID Online from the ICA website

1. First visit the official website of ICA To Renew Emirates ID by click here

2. If have an already account chose login otherwise click on new users to create an account first.

3. After that click on Renew ID Card fill in all detail carefully without any mistake. If already have a mistake call 600530003. They will return in 24 hours then edit.

4. Now submit your application and pay fees online through the card. And print a copy of the renewal card and save a soft copy for further procedure.

5. After the printed application form go to the preventive medical center, with your Current Emirates  ID, passport, and renewal application form. Within one week receive a medical test report form at your email address.

6. Now submit your documents to the Emirates identity Authority ( EIDA ). Documents like Your Application form, Two passport size photo, medical report form, copies of Current emirates id Card and Insurance card, and copies of  your passport

7. After submitting the application check status very important. If any objection occurs correctly in one week, otherwise submit fees again and request again.

8. One of your Applications approved. Within a maximum of 7 days, your Id will have ready. The address you provided will be delivered. Also, you will receive a call from ICA that your card is ready.

What I do Emirates ID card Stolen & lost OR Damage?

If your card lost or you replace it. The procedure is very simple to hele is a detail

1. Report the incident like customer happiness center

2. Apply for a replacement like Go to ICA website or Mobile app

3. Pay fees online from your card

4. Collect your card from the ICA call will be received from the office.

Emirates ID renewal fees 2021

The Emirates ID card renewal fees also increase almost every year now in the 2021 fees list we share with you. If you make a new card or renew the card then pay the same price. And if your ID lost pay 100 AED extra. Here below is the price list of includes all services.

1. For 2 Years Emirates ID Fees is 270 AED

2. For 3 Years Emirates ID  Fees is 370 AED

3. IF ID Card Lost then Pay Extra 100 AED

If you want to know more about emirates id visit our Emirates ID Category in website

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