All Important/Emergency Telephone Numbers in Qatar

The Emergencies, accidents Natural Disasters, tragedies, etc. And are All mostly out of Human control But whenever this situation arises, we can do our best not to panic. In the event of an emergency, it is important to know the phone number in Qatar so that you can contact the relevant authorities for assistance.

Below are some important Qatar emergency numbers that you can write for future reference. The best way is to make these numbers bigger so that children do not have difficulty reading. You can make copies of the entire list near the phone and in the refrigerator. Also, keep a copy for yourself when you’re out and about.

List of Qatar Emergency Numbers

International calls Number: 150

Kahramaa Number:  991

Internet Service  Number: 111

Police, Fire, Ambulance Emergency Number: 999

Telephone Directory Number: 180

Traffic & Patrol Police Department Number: 4890666

Hamad Hospital Number: +974 4392111

Doha Seaport Number: +974 4464660

Doha Airport Number: +974 4656666

Flight Enquiries Number: +974 4622999

General Post Office Number: +974 4466000

Directorate of Immigration, Passports, and Naturalization Number: +974 882882

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation Number: +974 4494444

Al Jazeera Satellite Channel Number:  +974 4890890

Qatar Tourism Authority Number: +974 4411555

Qatar Telecom (Q-Tel) Number: +974 4400400

Qatar Radio and Television Number: +974 4894444

Weather Info Number:  +974 9001009

Note: Under the National Rebranding Plan, all phone numbers in Qatar starting with 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 have been converted to eight digits (the first digit must be repeated … for example 3 Numbers starting with 33 must be called (by July 2010). Numbers starting with 1, 2, 8, and 9 are unchanged. However, all emergency numbers within Qatar, including 999 and 112, are unaffected, while the country code is the same.

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