E-Voter Certificate Online Apply and Download 2022

A voter ID card, also known as an EPIC or Electoral Photo ID Card, is a photo identification card issued by the Election Commission that verifies the voter’s identity as well as the voter’s eligibility to vote in federal, state, and local elections. Another name for a voter ID card is an Electoral Photo ID Card. It is possible that it might function as verification of identify, domicile, and age for activities such as applying for a passport or purchasing a SIM card for a mobile phone.

Voter identification cards were formerly only accessible in black and white, but now they are printed in full color on laminated cards and may be obtained by voters. On this piece of plastic is written a photo that is the appropriate size for a passport, the date of birth, and the address. Authenticity may be determined by looking at the hologram, the serial number, and any official stamps or signatures.

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E-Voter Certificate Online Apply and Download 2022

At the polling stations, ECI voters are required to provide a picture identity card. The Electoral Commission of India (ECI) Voter ID Card and other types of verifiable evidence of voter eligibility are examples of acceptable forms of identification.

The primary objective of the card is to aid in the elimination of cases of voter fraud by contributing to an increase in the dependability of the voter registration list. At the polling place, voters are allowed to use it as a form of identification. This document is also often referred to by a number of other names, including voter identity card, election card, voter’s card, voter ID, and other names of a similar kind.

As a form of voter identification, the Election Commission of India employs EPIC numbers, which stand for “Electors Photo Identity Card” (ECI). This number functions as evidence of citizenship for Indian nationals above the age of 18 who are Indian citizens. This gives inhabitants of India the right to vote in any elections that take place within the country. You will be required to submit your EPIC number, which can be found printed on your voter identification card, in order to cast your vote. It ought to be positioned at the very top of your voter ID, directly above your photograph.

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E-Voter Certificate Online Apply and Download 2022

First of All Select Ms or Mr from Given Box Official Website Click Here

Enter your Correct Name That Printed on your Card

Now Enter The Captcha Code by Entering a Number Above Given

And Click Below Submit Button

Now Choose Language English or Hindi From Given List

Now accept Term and Condition and Click On Submit Button.

Now Your Completed Certificated Wirth Original Names Will Come

To Downlead This Certificate Click Below Downloads Button.

How to Apply for Voter ID Card

Form 6 needs to be filled out and submitted by you. People who have just moved into the region and intend to vote in the forthcoming election are also needed to fill out this form in order to exercise their voting rights in the upcoming election.

Form 6A must to be filled out in its whole by an NRI voter. If you want your name removed from the voter registration roll or if you have an objection to your name being listed, fill out Form 7.

Any time there is a change to your gender, relationship status, relative’s name, birthdate, address, EPIC number, picture, or name, you are required to amend the corresponding Form 8 information.
You are need to file Form 8A if you are relocating to a new address within the same parliamentary district even if you are staying in the same general location.

How To Download Election Commission Rolls out Digital Voter ID Card Online

First, go to the website voterportal.eci.gov.in. Second, make an account by giving the information asked for. The next step is to sign in and click the button that says “Download e-EPIC.” Fourth, type in your EPIC number or your reference number.

In Step 5, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number you gave in Step 1. Step 6: Click “Download EPIC.” If the number on your ID is different from the number you used to register to vote, you will need to go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process before you can access your voter ID online.

If you’ve lost your e-EPIC number, you can look it up at voterportal.eci.gov.in. A digital voter ID card can be made with the mobile voter app.

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