New List of Driving Violations and Fines by MOI Qatar 2022

In Qatar, fines have become the norm. Even if you break some traffic rules, you will be fined. If in any case, you cannot pay the fine on time. The fine can then be doubled and you will not be allowed to travel from one city to another and you will not be able to travel. That is why it is so important to check traffic in Qatar and pay on time.

In this article, we publish a list of driving offenses and fines shared by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar. Please follow these rules to avoid accidents and inconvenience. Posted.

All Qatari drivers should be aware of this list for your awareness and safety. It is a good idea to know the law when driving your car and other vehicles in Qatar

Qatar Traffic Violation and Fines List 2021

Carefully Read All Driving Violations and Fines list Before Driving In Qatar. Traffic Violation and Fines a Daily Routine in Qatar. This is a New List of Moi Qatar Traffic Violations of 2021. Please read the following offenses and penalties for your reference.

NOViolation TypesFine AmountPoints
1Driving an unregistered vehicle.QR.30002
2Make unauthorized changes to the color or shape of the number plates, alter details on them, loan them or replace themQR.15003
3Driving a vehicle without The number platesQR.30003
4Driving a vehicle on the road without renewing its license.QR.1500Nil
5Failure to display the sticker indicating the validity date of the vehicle license in a conspicuous place on the vehicle, or refusing to display it upon request.QR.3001
6Vehicles with commercial number plates or number plates are permitted by law to be affixed properly without a vehicle or without permission from an unauthorized person to drive that vehicle.QR.500Nil
7Use of temporary ("testing") number plates for unauthorized purposes.QR.500Nil
8Use of commercial plates in unauthorized situationsQR.500Nil
9Failure to notify the Licensing Authority immediately of the loss or damage to either or both of the number platesQR.5002
10Failure to return the number plates to the licensing authority when the vehicle is not in use, or if the vehicle license is not renewed within the specified date, or the vehicle is not valid for use, or when applying for cancellation of its registration or eventual export abroad.QR.500Nil
11The driver does not carry the driver's license while driving and does not bring it when asking the policeQR.5001
12Driving a vehicle without renewing a driver's license.QR.1500Nil
13The driving instructor does not follow the rules and regulations regarding driving classes or the learner does not obtain a learning permit during driving lessons or is not issued at the request of the police.QR.300Nil
14If the vehicle owner does not notify the Licensing Authority of the loss or damage of the Registration Card (RC / Vehicle License) or does not apply for a new one in place of the lost or damaged RC or if the person who RC found not to return to the licensing authority.QR.500Nil
15Failure to notify the Traffic Department of any change in the owner's name, nationality, identification number, address or place of residence within 10 days of such change.QR.500Nil
16If the new owner of the vehicle does not notify the Licensing Authority in writing of the change of ownership within 3 days of the change of ownership.QR.500Nil
17If the owner does not notify the Licensing Authority in writing of the change in ownership of the vehicle within three days of the change of ownership with the details and address of the new owner.QR.500Nil
18Any change in the use of the vehicle or any significant part of it is tampering with the vehicle registration data without the written permission of the Licensing Authority.QR.30003
19Writing, drawing or placing illegal details on any part of the vehicle or on the body of the vehicle without the written permission of any licensing authority or using the vehicle for advertising purposesQR.500Nil
20Do not return commercial or experimental vehicle plates or temporary number plates to the Licensing Authority when they are revoked or not renewed.QR.500Nil
21If the driver of a vehicle exits an alley to approach a road or enters or exits a point near the road or makes a U-turn or overturns without taking precautionary measures prescribed by law.QR.5001
22Turning a car on the main road, or turning a car at intersections, except in an emergencyQR.15003
23Driving in the opposite direction (wrong)QR.60006
24Do not follow the lane on the main section of the road while drivingQR.5001
25If the drivers of transport vehicles (buses of all kinds), trucks, cargo vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers do not move on the right side of the road or ignore other vehicles.QR.30001
26If the driver does not stay on the right side of the road in cases prescribed by law.QR.5001
27Establish or manage a driving school or conduct driving lessons without the permission of the Licensing AuthorityQR.3000Nil
28Car rental offices and companies, car showrooms, car decoration stores or car workshops that conduct their business before obtaining a commercial license from the licensing authority.QR.3000Nil
29Failure to immediately notify the driver's license holder in the traffic department or the nearest traffic office of loss or damage to the driver's license, or failure to return to the licensing authority, if anyQR.300Nil
30Obtaining or using more than one driver's license of the same nature or allowing a person to use it against the law or using the license for illegal gain or using or accepting another person's license except law According to.QR.500Nil
31If the driver does not control the speed of the vehicle and adjusts it according to the condition of the road and the condition of the road, the condition of the vehicle, its load and the weather which helps to stop or reduce the speed when needed.QR.300Nil
32To ensure road safety if the motorcycle does not slow down when entering sidewalks, congested areas, turns, curves, crossroads, intersections, roundabouts, bridges, underpasses, or school or hospital areas ۔QR.300Nil
33Exceeding the speed limit on the road.500 riyals
It is accelerated by QR100 for every 10 km / h, up to a maximum of 1,000 QR.
34Driving on a prohibited road or allowing anyone to do so without the written permission of the licensing authority.QR.500Nil
35If the motorcyclist or cyclist does not hold the handlebars with both hands unless they need to manually identify the signals or when they are holding another vehicle while driving or if they are on the wheel. Riding a wheelbarrow or trying to pull, carry, push or pull objects can obstruct traffic or endanger yourself or othersQR.1500Nil
36If motorcyclists, passengers and passengers in the back seat are not wearing helmets.QR.300Nil
37If motorcyclists, passengers and passengers in the back seat are not wearing helmets.QR.300Nil
38If the motorcyclist does not ride in the lane.QR.3001
39If the cyclist does not ride on the right side of the main road or does not ride behind the other cyclist in places where there is no designated lane for two-wheeled bicycles, or where the two-wheeler lanes Does not happen They are available.QR.300Nil
40If the driver of a vehicle stops or turns on the highway in a certain area, turns left, turns or drives on a traffic island.QR.60003
41Driving a vehicle that produces noisy, thick smoke, bad smoke, leaks of flammable substances, harms public health or the environment, or damages the road or drives without proper silenceQR.3003
42Driving with a driver's license while prevented by a legal or administrative decisionQ15003
43Use a vehicle other than the one mentioned in the vehicle license or registration certificate, or allow someone to do soQR.30003
44Installation of directional signs, advertisements, signage devices, or traffic devices that reduce the visibility or effect of the original signs by the traffic department or may confuse other road users.QR.10001
45The driver uses or holds a mobile phone or another device in his hand while driving, is caught watching something visible from the television seat in the car, or driving children under 10 years old It is allowed to occupy the front seat.QR.500Nil
46If the driver and passenger in front do not wear seat belts while driving on the roadQR.500Nil
47Don't give a clear signal (turn signal) in advance and enough time to slow downQR.300Nil
48Sudden braking without any emergency need to ensure the safety and security of pedestrians on the roadQR.300Nil
49Driving at unusually low speeds can cause traffic jams for no apparent reasonQR.3003
50Failure to notify the Licensing Authority immediately of any loss or damage to one or both of the number platesQR.50002
51If the driver refuses to give his name and address or the name and address of the owner of the vehicle to the traffic police in case of an accident.QR.5001
52If the driver does not take his vehicle to the nearest Service Road (Safe Area) when he is not injured in an accident while the vehicle is in motion (driving) or if the driver does not immediately report it to the police Gives.QR.10003
53If emergency vehicle drivers (police, internal state security, civil defense, ambulance) use the siren without an emergency.QR.2001
54Not giving enough signals to drivers as needed.QR.200Nil
55If the driver does not comply with any of the following rules

Leave enough space between him and the car in front of him, pay attention to the signs of the car in front of him, and do not move except to the left.

Do not overtake oncoming vehicles at obscure heights, sharp turns, arch bridges, curves, sidewalks, sidewalks, and all places where traffic lights prevent overtaking.

Do not increase speed while passing another vehicle

Don't back down when the point is not clear

Do not overtake police vehicles, internal security, ambulances and civil defense when they are on emergency calls using their sirens.

Do not overturn vehicles carrying students in residential areas

Follow government road signs indicating directions given by the Licensing Authority

Allowing emergency vehicles (police, security, civil defense and ambulance) to pass while performing emergency duties

When emergency vehicles need to pass, leave the road at intersections or intersections immediately.

Do not follow emergency vehicles and maintain a distance of at least 50 meters
56If drivers do not give way to official processions or similar caravans, or if drivers or pedestrians try to enter the procession, obstruct its movement, follow it in any way Do it, get close to it or run with it.QR.500Nil
57If pedestrians do not follow the signs in the downward direction when crossing the main part of the road from a certain place

Pedestrian crossings

Do not cross the road when the police let the vehicle go

Do not mix with a chain of sensors or organized groups under the supervision of a responsible person and all marches are allowed.

Follow traffic signs and rules
58If passers-by do not take the necessary precautions when crossing the main section of the roadQR.200Nil
59Pedestrians are walking on the main part of the road or in areas reserved for two vehicles only if there are sidewalks or do not walk on the right or left side of the main section of the road in the opposite direction of the moving vehicles If sidewalks are not available. When they face the dangers of vehicles traveling in the right direction of traffic or they do not stay on the extreme side of the road which is contrary to the direction of their movement or when a person has a high frequency Does not follow While on the road outside the cityQR.100Nill
60Driving dump trucks, bulldozers, bulldozers, etc. on roads where such vehicles are not intQR.30003
61To drive on the road between sunset and sunrise or when the visibility is low due to bad weather during the day without looking at the following lights

There is no red light in front of the car. Under normal circumstances, white light is sufficient and yellow light in the fog
62Due to bad weather during the day or time, men and animals are required to drive from sunrise to sunset. To

Normal white light at the front and red light at the rear, these lights will be installed in such a way as to clearly indicate the presence of a vehicle while it is in motion.
63Motorcycles or bicycles on the road between sunset and sunrise or when the visibility is reduced due to bad weather during the day without using the following lights

Motorcycle or Bicycle Front Riding Light Bulbs, Motorcycle Taillights, and Side Lights

The reflector is on the back of the motorcycle.
64Driving on the road between sunset and sunrise due to weather conditions during the day or without using the following lights

Dim beams, two taillights, rear number plate lights and high beam / fog lights are not allowed when the vehicle is parked.
Dim the high beam / fog lights on the low beam when approaching the vehicle at a reasonable distance from the opposite direction
65Use any method of painting a car window without the permission of the Licensing AuthorityQR.1000Nil
66Use a central beam or fog lights in the front or rear of the vehicle, except in weather conditions that require this type of lighting.QR.5001
67Install or use horns, light systems or devices such as horns, specified for police, civil defense, or ambulance only, without the written permission of the Licensing Authority.QR.10001
68Install or use air horns or musical horns.QR.3001
69Drivers use their horns only when there is an imminent dangerQR.3001
70Driving on the road when the vehicle is not equipped with a working hornQR.3001
71Parking and parking in non-detached areasQR.3003
72If the driver of a vehicle approaches the main road from the side road, a direct route is not allowed for vehicles approaching the main road.QR.300Nil
73If the driver does not give the right direction to the vehicles coming from the paved roads at the two intersections where one of them is smooth and the other without a hill.QR.300Nil
74If the driver does not give preference to oncoming vehicles on the left side of the intersection, where there are no signs or symbols that determine the priority, or if he does not give preference in the case of signs and signals that occur while driving Sets priority.QR.300Nil
75Do not prefer to drive at intersections where roads are intersectionsQR.300Nil
76If the driver does not follow the hand signals issued by the traffic policeQR.60007
77If the driver of a vehicle drives his car and stops or confuses traffic at intersections where there are automatic traffic lights, regardless of the priority of movement (if the driver stops the flow of traffic at the intersection) ۔QR.5003
78If the driver does not comply with the automatic traffic lightsQR.60007
79If the driver of the vehicle does not adjust the bright light to the right side of the road.QR.2001
80When the driver of a parked vehicle fails to use traffic lights or reflective signals in the rear of the vehicle during the day or night when visibility is weak and does not care to stop in the main part of the road.QR.5003
81Stopping or parking or waiting in restricted areasQR.3003
82Stopping vehicles or parking on the main section of the road near another parked vehicle.QR.3003
83Parking or waiting in places where parking will impede the movement of other vehiclesQR.3003
84Stopping vehicles or waiting in front of entrances and exits without permission from private residences, garages, gas stations, hospitals, primary medical centers, fire stations, police, military areas, or educational institutions.QR.3003
85Stopping or waiting for vehicles in places where parking or parking can cause traffic lights, traffic signboards or vehicles to be hidden from the view of some road users.QR.3003
86Vehicles are not allowed to stop or wait in the central part of the road in front of the long and continuous ground signs.QR.3003
87Stop vehicles or parks less than 15 meters from intersections, overpasses, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, or public transport stations.QR.3003
88Parking or parking on the main part of the road near heights or curves.QR.3003
89Parking, parking in non-parking areas, or waiting for bridges, bridges, and underpasses.QR.3003
90Parking or waiting for pedestrians or on designated sidewalks.QR.3003
91To carry any vehicle on any stand, footboard or roof without the written permission of the Licensing AuthorityQR.5003
92To carry people in a vehicle that does not have seating and is not intended for passenger transportationQR.5003
93Placing an obstruction or object on the road that obstructs traffic, pedestrians or road works without the written permission of the licensing authority.QR.5003
94Leaving vehicles, animals, or objects on the main road in a way that endangers the lives of others or obstructs or obstructs traffic.QR.5003
95If the driver of the vehicle stays with the vehicle on a major road, which can become a traffic obstruction or an accident risk for road users.QR.5003
96Without taking the necessary steps to avoid the risk of an accident, or leaving the vehicle on a road that obstructs the flow of traffic, or without taking the necessary steps to avoid the illegal use of another person or Runaway Key.QR.5003
97Obstructing or rushing in front of taxi parking lots.QR.3003
98Parking of vehicles at parking lots after the deadline.QR.3003
99Parking or parking in unpaid parking.QR.3003
100Stopping vehicles or waiting in places designated for people with special needs or other people.QR.5003
101No written permission from the Licensing Authority for the transportation of non-separable material that exceeds the length of the permit.QR.30001
102Increasing the load up to 1 m in the front of the vehicle or more than 2 m from the rear of the vehicle body without the written permission of the Licensing Authority.QR.30001
103Exceeding the total weight of the vehicle on Excel 13 tons
Exceeding the maximum allowable weight of the vehicle on double axle without the written permission of the Licensing Authority.
The total weight of the vehicle exceeds the weight limit without the written permission of the Licensing Authority.
104To cover a distance of more than 2.6 meters without the written permission of any competent authority, including the width of the goods or the vehicle appearing on it.QR.30001
105Exceeding the height of load on goods or objects coming on the vehicle more than 4.2 meters above the road level without the written permission of any competent authority.QR.30001
106When loading a vehicle, do not consider the following factors
Not to endanger people or endanger public or private property
Not to make noise, blow up or leak that could affect public health or the environment or disturb pedestrians
Do not obstruct the driver's view or obscure automatic or manual traffic lights, side lights, car lights, reflectors or number plates
Not affecting the balance of the vehicle or endangering driving.
107Without properly adjusting, adjusting, and adjusting the load of the vehicle to allow the loaded object to move or fall while driving.QR.15001
108If the driver of the transport vehicle draws attention by talking to one of the passengers or by allowing anyone to sit or stand next to them while driving.QR.300Nil
109If renting a passenger car driver, transfer office, taxi driver, or car or limousine is allowed to carry more passengers than allowed by law.QR.300Nil
110Driving on the road with some parts that are unusable and not in safe condition can endanger the lives of passengers or road users.QR.5004
111Failure to record body weight and the total number of passengers, so that its pay (net weight) is 3 tons or moreQR.10001
112Expansion of cargo and truck cargo compartments to carry more than dimensions and specifications, whether in width, length, or height.QR.10001
113Do not put clear red markings on the sides of the cargo to warn others.QR.10001

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