Delete Transaction History in Easypaisa App

Are you looking for how to delete transaction history in EasyPay app? Find this guide to learn more about it. Here is a Coplete Guide How To Delete Transaction History in Easypaisa App in Simple Steps

Easypaisa is a Most popular Pakistani mobile wallet and branchless banking service. In addition, it allows its users to make online payments from their EasyPay mobile wallet. In 2009, Telenor Pakistan launched the service in partnership with Tamir Bank.

Easypaisa financing experience through each modern, Easypaisa is a smooth payments. Switch to a cashless system for online payments and use Easypaisa Transfer money, buy mobile carry or offer from all your favorite telecom operators.

The account number  of Easypaisa will be your mobile phone number. Now the system will bring all the details. Then click Submit to complete the process. You can deposit money from your bank account to Easypaisa account.

How to delete transaction history on Easyypaisa app?

Are you really trying to erase the history of this money? So let’s know the truth of all this. Banks, including EasyPay or Jazz Cash, provide their customers with a secure platform where they can send and receive online payments. This can only be done through a transaction log.

If Easypaisa or any other bank allows its customers to clear the transaction history, how will they secure the platform or gain the trust of the user, that is why you delete the transaction history of any bank. Can’t

In addition, you can access and confirm only one Easypaisa transaction in the last 3 months. This is because all transaction records are automatically deleted from the app after 3 months.

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