How to Connect MetaMask to Pancakeswap Step By Step

MetaMask is a popular and well-established browser extension that acts as a cryptocurrency wallet connected to the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMess allows users to interact with the Ethereum ecosystem, which hosts a wide world of decentralized applications (DOPS), without having to download their entire blockchain without any tools.

In this article, I will talk about how to connect MetaMask to PancakeSWap. You can easily connect it to your Android phone and desktop by following these simple and easy steps.

MetaMask helps you connect to the localized web. MetaMask is not only a browser but also a wallet in which you can buy, spend, exchange, and pay anyone. You can trade assets, borrow, borrow, post content, and much more.

How to Connect MetaMask with PancakeSwap?

To connect your MetaMask Wallet to PancakeSWap, first, unlock your Meta MaskWallet and then go to the Binance Smart Chain Network. After opening the MetaMask wallet attached to the Binance Smart Chain, check out the PancakeSWap to attach your wallet to the platform.

PancakeSWap is a dex app based on the Binance Smart China and was launched by anonymous developers with a penchant for breakfast and rabbit. It looks a bit like Ethereum

follow these easy and simple steps to connect MetaMask with pancakeSwap Before proceeding,  you confirm your MetaMask is connected to the Binance Smart Chain.

Connect MetaMask with PancakeSwap On mobile

The Process is Really Simple to Connect with Mobile or In Iphone First Open the metamask and tap on the burger icon at the top left side then Tap Settings in the menu. In the Settings menu, tap Network.
Click the Add Network button at the bottom. Once you’ve confirmed your entry into the new network, go back to the Burger menu and click Browser. Your wallet will ask you to contact them.

1. To Connect In Mobile or Yout iPhone First Open the MetaMask app and log in to your account.

2. Click the hamburger icon and then click Browser.

3. When the browser opens, type pancakeSwap. finance” in the search box, then click Go

4. Now click on Contact PancakeSwap In the popup, select MetaMask.

Finelly After a few moments, you’ll notice that your MetaMasked wallet is attached to the pancakeSwap.

Connect MetaMask with PancakeSwap On desktop

1. First, install the MetaMask extension on your browser.

2. Open the MetaMask extension and then import your account with your badge phrase and password.

3. Now go to the PancakeSwap website and click Connect.

4. In the popup window, select MetaMask.

5. A notification tab will be shown, click Next and then connect it.

After a few seconds, your MetaMask wallet will be connected to the pancakeSwap.

can’t connect metamask to pancakeswap Problem Solution

If you try to Connect a  pancakeSwap but nothing happens when you click on connect or open the wallet, just try changing the network a few times. To easily switch networks, you need to click 3 dots in the bottom right corner Switch Network Select another network in the list

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