Civil ID home delivery Request

The Public Authority for Civil Information has launched a new home delivery service for citizens and residents with citizen ID cards to address the problems of citizen cardholders. They can now easily get their cards at home using PACI’s home delivery services. The delivery fee is 2 KD, but you will receive an additional KWD 0.25 if you add each additional card.

You can easily apply for your Civil ID using the Home Delivery Request option for your Civil ID number using the website Your civil identity will arrive at your home within two days.

Home delivery services are available for both renewable civil cards and new civil cards from Civil Card, find the steps below to get a new Civil Card which will be delivered to your home within 2 KD within two days.

Civil ID Home Delivery Request Process

Step No 1: Get your civil ID at home, visit and click in English, accept the terms and conditions and click Start Home Delivery.

Civil ID home delivery Request

Step No2: If you already have an old Civil ID, enter your Civil ID and Serial Number (Serial Number can be found on the back of your Civil ID) and click Add

Civil ID home delivery Request

Step No 3: Enter your address and contact information, you can just use the card address or manually enter the address where you want the card to be delivered such as name, delivery time, phone number email, and Preferred communication language.

Civil ID home delivery Request

Step No 4: Confirm the delivery information.

Civil ID home delivery Request


Step No 5: After confirming the delivery information, you will be sent to the payment page, and once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation receipt, please save the receipt carefully. Either by printing or saving it as a PDF.

Civil ID home delivery Request

Check the status of civil ID delivery

Step 6: Please click on the link and enter your Civil ID number, then click on Search to check the status.

See PACI website delivery option. Click here to view the delivery page.

Click Options PACI is available at the top right of the delivery page.

Now click on the Delivery Order Status option to track your order.

Enter your Civil ID number in the blank field and click Search.

On the new page, the current status of your civil identity will appear.

Kuwaiti Civil ID for home delivery instructions.

The Civil ID Processing Service is a facility provided by the beneficiary and not at the expense of the Civil Information Public Authority.

The cost of attaching the first primary card is 2 Kuwaiti dinars. And Other cards can be added easily, provided they have the same PACI address number as the first Master Card 250 files (a quarter of a dinar) will be received for each additional card.

After submitting the delivery service request, you will be contacted through the call center of the delivery company to the requested phone number. For discussions and inquiries about delivery service, please call (22066550)

Requests to hand over your existing ID card will be canceled when you submit another change request for your card, and you will have to apply for a new ID and pay the delivery fee again. The shipping company must be delivered to the specified location when ordering.

Delivery from remittance company within two working days upon receipt of an ID card from Authority Headquarters. The delivery fee is non-refundable and is payable “only once” upon placing a delivery order.

Civil id Delivery is based on customer acceptance and delivery management with the PACI delivery team. In the event that the customer cannot be contacted, the delivery will be affected and the delivery company will face an unjustified delay, and only requests for delivery of civil ID cards that are ready for delivery will be accepted. Are gone.

Other cards can be added, provided they have the same PACI address number as the first primary card. 250 files (a quarter of a dinar) will be received for each additional card.

Can I get a Civil ID on a Saturday?

The PUblic Authority of Civil Information PACI office is open from Sunday to Thursday. The Authority’s new working hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. without a break. (14 hours) Friday and Saturday are holidays. If you are looking for money time today, here are the details of PC time.

Civil ID home delivery Request

Can I submit a Civil ID on a Saturday?

The PACI office is closed till Friday. Tomorrow is also a day off, so you should plan to go to the PACI office the day after tomorrow. Friday and Saturday are PACI holidays. You must submit your civil card Sunday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

PACI Civil Contact Number

You can call 965 1844447 Sunday to Tuesday from 8 am to 8 pm to find out more about Civil ID renewal, collection, or definition of home delivery. The PACI office is closed Friday-Saturday today.

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