Civil ID Home Delivery Registration

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has launched another home delivery department for residents and residents who hold citizen ID cards to address the problems of civil ID holders. They can now effectively check their cards at home using PACI’s home delivery service registration. This connection costs KWD 2, but an additional fee of KWD 0.25 will be charged if any additional card is added.

Registering for Civil id Delivery with a Mobile Online is very easy. Use the option to request Home Delivery with Civil ID at your home/civil ID office using Also, your civil card was delivered to your home within two days.

Civil ID Home Delivery Registration

The Home Delivery Department can be accessed from both the Indomitable Civil ID and the New Civil ID from the Civil ID, Find the resources below to get another Civil ID that will be delivered to your home for 2 KD within 2 days.

Civil ID Home Delivery Registration step by Step

Stage 1: For Civil ID Home Delivery Registration first Visit click on the English Language Then accept the terms and conditions and final click start for Home Delivery

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Stage 2: If you already have an old Civil ID, Then enter the Civil ID & Serial Number (the serial number can be found on the back of your Civil ID) and click Add.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Stage 3: Now Enter the address and Correct contact information, you can just use the card address or manually enter the address where you want the card to be delivered such as name, delivery time, phone number, email, and preferred communication language.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Stage 4: Confirm the delivery information

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Stage 5: After confirming the delivery information, you will be taken to the payment page, and once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation receipt, please save the receipt carefully. Either by printing or saving as a PDF.

Civil ID Home Delivery Kuwait in 2 KD

Stage 6: Please click on the connection and enter your civil ID number, then snap Search to really look at the status

  1. Visit the PACI site handover alternative. Snap here to see the delivery page.
  2. Snap “Options”. It is accessible at the upper right of the PACI Delivery page
  3. Presently click on the “Delivery Order Status” choice to follow your order
  4. Enter your Civil ID number in the clear field and snap “Search”.
  5. On the new page, the current status of your Civil ID will show up

Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Registration More Guide

The civil ID supply service is the assistance provided by the recipient and not at the expense of the Public Authority for Civil Information.

The cost of joining the basic card is 2 Kuwaiti dinars. Other cards may be added, provided they contain a primary card such as the PACI address number. 250 documents (a quarter of a dinar) will be obtained for each additional card.

After submitting a delivery management request, you will be connected to the ideal phone number by a call from the delivery organization. To contact the delivery department and inquire about it, if there is not much trouble, call (22066550)

Delivery within two working days from the date of settlement of the unlimited supply of ID cards from the authority‚Äôs headquarters. Delivery costs are non-refundable and payable is the “single” uninterrupted delivery of a delivery order.

Delivery is based on customer acknowledgment and delivery of executives with the delivery group. If the customer is not reached, the delivery will be affected and the delivery organization will experience irresponsible delay, and the delivery orders are uniquely identified to the civil ID card prepared for delivery.

Other cards can be added, provided they have a similar PACI address number as the principal essential card. 250 documents (a fourth of a dinar) will be gotten for each extra card.

Can I collect the civil id on Saturday?

The PACI office is open from Sunday to Thursday. The PACI new working hours are from 6 am to 8 pm with no break. (14 hours)Friday and Saturday are off days. In case you are searching for paci timing today, here is the circumstance Detail of PACI

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