Check iqama status with Border number 2022

Today In this article we Know to Check iqama status with border number online 2022. What is the Border Number in Saudi Arabia? Border Number is a 10-figure number allotted for every emigrant joining the Kingdom on a novel visa. Earlier, it was composed of Jawazat executives by hand on your passport when you enrolled in Saudi Arabia. You can presently discover the border number by touring the Absher website.[Recommended: Check Iqama Huroob In English

How to Check Border Number Online

Following is the method of how to check the border number in Saudi Arabia online.

Check iqama status with border number

1. Go to the “ABSHER WEBSITE” (


3. Choose One of the two choices: “Non-GCC Citizen” or “GCC Citizen”

4. Insert your “VISA NUMBER”

5. Insert  “IMAGE CODE”

6. Enter Your “VISA ISSUE DATE”

7. Then tap on “INQUIRIES”

8. You will be capable to view the “BORDER NUMBER”

Check iqama status with border number

How To Check iqama status with border number

Quickly after arriving in Saudi Arabia, a border number will be assigned. You can check your passport to view the Border number. Normally, it will be on the page near your visa. You can check the Iqama status applying for the border number as follows.

1. Go to the “MOI” website Click Here

2. insert the “BORDER NUMBER” in the first column

3. Insert “NUMBER CODE” then clicks “Ok”

4. All Information About “IQAMA” will be shown

Check iqama status with border number

So In this way easily You Check iqama status with border number Online on Your Mobile.

Video Guide To check Iqama Status with Border Number

How to check the Iqama allotted or not using passport number?

1. Go to the “MOI” website Click Here



Fill in “NUMBER CODE” then clicks “Ok”

How to check the status of the Iqama holder in Saudi Arabia?

Fill any one of the columns with the border number, Iqama number, or passport number, then tap continue.

The later results will be revealed for Iqama status:-

  1. Worker number: رقم العامل
  2. worker name: الاسم
  3. Permits issued or not:  تراخيص المنشاه / تصاریح المنشاه ساریہ
  4. The color of the establishment: أخضر متوسط

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