Check Iqama Huroob Online 2021

It is extremely prudent for expats in Saudi Arabia to check iqama huroob online in English. it is an Arabic interpretation of “absent” or “escape”. on Iqama indicates a person ran away or was absent from work without the allowance of Saudi Kafeel. Meanwhile, a person is absent from employment, his employer tells Jawazat that he is no more accountable for these workers.

This seems like an on the Iqama. Once the management tells Jawazat, Saudi Arabia’s police begin seeking for the absent worker except he is arrested, confined, and deported. It may happen in several years’ bans to visit Saudi Arabia. It indicates he cannot go to Saudi Arabia for various years, normally five years. Commonly, Police consider that absent worker as a criminal.[Recommended: Click here to Check Iqama red green

As Saudi Arabia is notorious for the mischief of Saudi Employers, so multiple employers use to force their workers. Yet, Saudi Arabia’s ministry of labor has created novel laws to keep employees secure from false huroob broadcasting. Foreign employees are now qualified to claim false huroob. Despite the deductions, you can check iqama status online in a few seconds.

Procedure To Check Iqama Huroob Status 

Checking Iqama Huroob is quite simple. You can check your status in a single simple step. All you have to own your iqama number and you are ready to inquire about iqama. This process operates just in Saudi Arabia, NOTE if you are Outside the KSA, you may require to use VPN to do this process. You can do this process either you are using a laptop/PC, smartphone/tablet, or some other device.


check iqama huroob

1. Go to the “MOL” Website Click Here

3. Chose Language “ENGLISH”


4. Select Your “NATIONALITY”

5. Fill The “CAPTCHA”

6. Click On “SEARCH”

First off, you ought to go to the official website of the Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia via Clicking Here or just copy and paste the link into your browser.

Check Iqama Huroob

Result Comes

  • Your Worker Number will be shown
  • Your Full Name
  • Your worker Case
  • Faculty Licenses
  • At The End of Your Facility Evaluation

How to check Iqama Huroob in English?

When you create a huroob inquiry on iqama, the system will display the information in Arabic. Change it into “ENGLISH” It may be tough for various expats to concede huroob status.


Check Iqama Huroob

In the first scenario, if there is a huroob on your iqama the system will display you the outcome“متغیب عن العمل“, that indicates you are absent from work. In other terms, there is a huroob on your iqama.

In the second case, when you have no huroob on your iqama, you will notice the outcome“علی راس العمل“. That indicates you are on job and there is no huroob on your iqama. Thus, everything is accurate.

This process does not act for Domestic employees. Domestic employees should contact the jawazat service to check iqama huroob.

Check Your Iqama Huroob with Absher

Absher mobile app is very helpful for Expats. Absher provides a lot of services includes Iqama huroob services. To check huroob from mobile First download the App from google play. a lot of benefits use Absher app because of MOI official website sometime down due to heavy traffic.

1. “Download Absher app” Install and open

2. Create an Account, if have already Click “login” Button

3. Enter “USERNAME”, “PASSWORD”, Enter Verification “CODE” and click on the login

4. In Checking button “Put Your Iqama” Number Fill Captcha and press check button

5. All “information Show” includes your Iqama huroob

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