How To Check Emirates ID Fine in 1 Minutes

For all citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates ID is the primary identity or residence card. It should always be taken. The card, issued by the Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA), contains an electronic chip that contains important data about the resident and includes basic details, photos, biometric information, or fingerprint.

In light of the current pandemic, many are struggling to expose Emirati identity violations as authorities crackdown on security violators. Let’s see “How is the penalty on the Emirates ID card checked?” Let’s start the procedure.

Emirates ID is controlled by the Abu Dhabi government, so all fines on Emirates ID can be checked through the Abu Dhabi Police website via the link below.

Process To Check Emirates ID Fine

1. First Visit the Abu Dhabi Police website or app.

2. Click on theĀ  Public Services, then inquire about traffic violations.

3 Choose to Inquiry by Emirates ID. Like Inquiry By Traffic No or Inquiry by Emirates id Individual fine

4. Enter the Emirates ID number to Check Fine

5. Type the code and click the Submit button

If a fine is charged on your UAE residence card, it will be shown to you with full details, including ID details, region, and fine amount. See the form below.

In the event that you do not violate any of the rules, the system will show “No penalty according to the terms used in the inquiry process”.

Types of Emirates ID violations

1. Violation of COVID-19
2. J Walk Violation
3. The delay in registering the Emirates ID card
4. Other individual violations

If your ID is under visa renewal and a ticket has already been issued to you before your Emirates ID expires, ICA UAE issued a previous ID to you before another ID was issued to you, and you can be contacted to remove the pending penalty.

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