Check Civil ID Status in One Minutes

Civil ID is Most Important in Kuwait. Inquiring about The PACI Civil Id status in Kuwait. If you live in Kuwait, this Civil ID card is very important for any kind of service, especially government services in Kuwait. If you live in Kuwait, we prefer you to check your civil identity online in Various ways.

If you want to open a bank account or any such services, you must obtain a civil ID for registration. This civil ID is also called PACI or Bitaqa civil number. And This Civil id card is a special card for foreigners. They can get many benefits by using this Civil id card. Everyone living in Kuwait can obtain a civil identity. Because they are eligible for the civil ID in kuwait.

All Kuwaiti residents must have this card. Parents of newborns must apply to have their child registered within 60 days. All foreigners can apply for civil identity registration within 30 days of arriving in Kuwait. This is a special type of document presented or issued by the Kuwaiti government.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior manages all civil identification work. PACI Kuwait has launched a new online portal where everyone can check their civil identity status. Here we will provide you a simple and easy way through which you can easily check the status of your card.

Civil id status Check

1. First Visit website and Click Civil id

Check Civil ID Status

2. Now Chose Here Inquiring About Civil ID Status

Check Civil ID Status

3. Enter your Civil ID number and press the query Button

Check Civil ID Status

4. Your Civil ID Status will Show on your Mobile phone. Two Types of detail show after checking civil id status.

If you have a valid civil ID, it means that if you have a legal ID, this type of message will be opened. Look at the picture, so when you enter your identity and the result is like this, it means that you have a legal document and you can easily use it anywhere without any pressure.

Let’s see when civil ID is legal and this kind of result means invalid civil ID. There are plenty of reasons to come up with and discuss these reasons. One thing is that your civil ID has expired and you have not renewed it. Another reason could be the cancellation of your card Or that your ID card renewal procedures have not yet been completed. If you have already applied for renewal, try again in 10 days.

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