Check Civil ID Expiry Date in 1 Minute

It’s important Civil ID Expiry Date Check easily with full details. First of all, we know what is mean civil id in Kuwait Civil ID is the Kuwaiti identity card issued by the government of Kuwait to expatriates working in Kuwait and not staying here for a long time.

This document is mandatory for everyone who wants to live in Kuwait. Without this civil ID, you cannot live in Kuwait. Kuwait’s rules are very strict. You can check now and everything on paci or website related to your civil id

Importance of Civil id

Civil ID Expiry Date Check the ways to keep your civil ID up to date. If your Civil ID date has expired, the Government of Kuwait can take any kind of action. Then it depends on the government of Kuwait and its rules and regulations.

You can easily check the expiry date of your civil ID. You can check it online easily and here we will give you a way to check the expiry date of your civil ID.

Steps to Check Civil ID Expiry date

How you can check the expiry date of your civil ID on mobile through an online system, it is very easy to do it in a short period of time? This is the internet era and technology has changed every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. To check Civil ID Expiry Date, you have to click here

When you click on Check Expiry Date, it will open this type of page. Here you need a civil ID number to enter in the given box. Then click the query button then your ID status will appear and you can see all your ID history easily. And also you can check your ID card expiry date easily. Let’s see how you can check your civil ID expiry date on mobile.

Check the expiry date of the civil ID on the mobile phone

You can easily check your civil ID expiry date on mobile. This process is also very easy, you just need to enter a code on your mobile phone. And then by voice, you can check all your civil ID details like expiry date. Let’s see how you can check your civil ID expiry date. Follow these steps,

First of all the phone call 1889988 on your mobile phone After that, choose the language of your choice
Then follow all instructions Computer Voice Automatically Told you Your Civil ID Expiry date.

Through this process, you can easily check the expiry date of your civil ID status. After checking that your card has expired, try to renew this before this government takes action against you. With the daily roaming code on the mobile phone, you can easily check all the details related to your card.

If your card has expired

And when you see that your civil ID has expired, you need to follow some instructions to renew your civil ID. Because if you want to renew your ID card, you can renew with an easy process and by following some simple steps.

First of all, you need to visit Civil ID Renewal ( and then a new window will open and you need to follow all the given instructions. These instructions must be followed because all those instructions are issued by the government. One thing to remember is that the renewal process is not difficult and that it is very easy.

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