Check Available Funds On Iqama Online

Iqama funds are the payments collected for legal assistance. For instance, to recover Iqama, issuance of departure re-entry visa, restoring driving license or is Tamara, etc., you require to deposit a particular balance and fund beneath your iqama. By utilizing the Absher portal, review Iqama funds online. Additionally,further, investigate if the funds are applied or not for the requisite service.[Recommende: Check Iqama Fine Under Your Iqama No

How To Check Available Funds On Iqama Online?

You can question accessible funds by logging in to the Absher account. All the funds under Iqama will exhibit there. Hither is the entire method. If You Are Outside From Saudi Arabia use VPN To Open website, Use VPN ON KSA Server.

Procedure To Check Available Funds On Your Iqama

1. Visit “ABSHER PORTAL” by taping on the link

2. “LOGIN” to Account

3. Enter “CONFIRMATION CODE” A code will be Receive the number given when creating the address.

4. Click On “INQUIRIES” in My Services Options

5. Chose “GENERAL SERVICES” Near Traffic

6. In A New Window Select “QUERRY AVAILABLE FUNDS”

7. National Address will be “SHOW”

Your Deposit Funds Available 5 Main Categories

  • Sponsors Deposit
  • Vehicle Deposit
  • Driving License deposit
  • Passport Deposit, Mean Exit reentry Visa deposit
  • Labour Deposit

You can recognize that riyals balance is revealing in ‘Passport Deposit.’ It indicates that it will be used for the jawazat help. For instance, jawazat may utilize it for the issuance of departure re-entry visa. With the issuance of the visa, the price will be subtracted. And will get the balance being 0 riyals.

Iqama restoration fee displays in the Labor Deposit. And the expense spent for any fine on Iqama will too surface here. These labor funds are the least choice on the menu. Moreover, any deposit versus driving license records in the head of the Driving License Deposit.

Sponsors Deposit will display all balances and funds for the family dependants and members.  Also discover that some funds are not appearing. It is due to that it displays the amounts for particular services. For instance, the Maktab e Amal fee will not display here.  review it in the mol portal.

Moi Absher allows larger than 160 services, which indicates that there are loads of government departments struggling together in one place. So some won’t reveal any deposit hither

Check Iqama Funds Of Other Person in Your Account

1. Visit “ABSHER PORTAL” by taping on the link.

2. “LOGIN” to Your Account



Enter Any Person “IQAMA NUMBER” Fill “CAPTCHA CODE” And Press “VIEW” Button

Information Will Be “SHOW” Include other detail

Checking Funds With Huroob Status On Iqama

 Having a Huroob Status is the most critical problem in KSA. A person with that an not do medical insurance, bank account, and is not available for any legal aid. So the identical is the case with Absher. The portal won’t reveal any funds supporting iqama. It will display a message identical to’ You are not qualified for the requisite service.’

Funds Check With Expired Iqama

 Iqama expiry is entirely a distinct dilemma from huroob. Instead, the person is restricted to utilize various services. Yet he/she can get the Absher portal and bank account. So checking funds is not a difficulty. As an extension of that, it is the most reliable method to determine if the Kafeel / sponsor / Company has met the iqama restoration fee or not.

Where To Apply The Iqama Funds And Balance

 If you have an Iqama balance in Absher account, then utilize it for

  • Payment Of Single & Multiple Exit-Re/Entry License
  • Visit Visa Renewal
  • Transfer of Sponsorship (Naqal Kafala)
  • Renewal Of IQama
  • Change Of Profession

further review Iqama fees paid or not very efficiently. You may also want to question the Iqama expiry red or green.

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