How To Change Mobile Number in Emirates id online

With a full-fledged vaccination campaign in the UAE, the government has appealed to all residents and citizens to be vaccinated against polio. When registering on a DHA application, you may find that you need an MRN number to register, which means you will need an OTP on your mobile phone number related to your UAE identity.

Many UAE ID cards are linked to the HR phone numbers of their organization or the professionals involved. You get confused because you have to find the owner of the phone number.

To prevent this, it is best to apply for your personal phone number linked to your UAE identity. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship provides smart services on the Internet where you can do this without having to go to the Federal Authority. In this article, we will guide you step by step so that you can easily change your phone number associated with your UAE identity.

Identity cards with components such as smart cards, biometric fingerprints, and public key structures have a high level of accuracy and security. To obtain a UAE ID card, applicants must complete an electronic form and complete the necessary procedures.

How To Change Mobile Number in Emirates id online

According to the ICA, users can update their Mobile Numbers or report a change within a specified period. While identifying your UAE for the online service, you will need to complete a two-step verification process, which will send a one-time password to your registered mobile phone number.

Step No 1 Visit Following Link

To Change Mobile Number First Visit this Link Click here

Step No 2 Enter Following Detail Emirates ID

Nationality  Select your current nationality from the drop-down list
ID Number  Enter the UAE ID number printed on the front of the card
File Number Enter the file number printed on your resident visa, the file number is divided into slot sections. Year 8 Service Order

How To Change Mobile Number in Emirates id online

In the section column, fill in the three-digit code with your file number in the Year column, fill in the four-digit number in your file number, this number is the same year the visa was first issued. In the Service column, fill in the first number from the last part of your file number the Continuity column, fill in the remaining numbers

Name (English)  Enter your name as printed on the UAE ID
Name (Arabic)  After entering the name in English, the system will automatically create an Arabic version of it
Passport number to the passport number
DOB – Select your date of birth from the Calendar menu
Entry Deadline – Enter the last entry stamped on your passport when entering UAE territory
Email – Enter your email address Now, check the box in which the mobile phone is registered
Enter a new mobile phone number, and the applicant will receive a one-time password on the new mobile phone number.
Then add your address
Complete captcha validation and continue

Step No 3 Review Your Application

Once the process is complete, the system will provide you with the latest details and you should confirm them.

If there are any improvements, you can go back to Step 2 and make changes. Otherwise, confirm the details and go to the last step.

Make The Payment Mobile Number Change 

After completing the form, go to the payment gateway. In this payment gateway, pay online for the e-service. Currently, the full fee for updating details is around 52.10 dirhams

Once the payment is completed, the site will be redirected to the ICA website. The applicant will receive a notification informing you that your request has been successfully processed and your data is being updated.

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