Best Saving Accounts in Pakistan 2022

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, many banks offer savings accounts, but just a handful provide good interest rates that have kept pace with inflation and are transparent in terms of fees, rates, and other important account features.

if you want to know what is the best saving account in Pakistan in 2022 read our article carefully. We Learn About Best Saving Accounts in Pakistan 2022 From Different ways. If You want to Know Best Saving Accounts in Pakistan 2022 So carefully read our Complete Article.

Top Best Saving Accounts in Pakistan 2022

Best Saving Accounts in Pakistan 2022

We’ll only include accounts that are thought of as being somewhat honest and safe to use. Even if it means slightly higher interest rates or more accessible locations around the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I don’t trust all banks and their trustworthiness, therefore I wouldn’t want anybody to lose their funds due to the inefficiency of a hurriedly established bank.


Investing according to Shari laws, often known as Islamic banking regulations, is the safest option. As this is not in line with Shari banking norms, they do not advocate a pre-determined interest rate. However, the return is often set between 3 and 8 percent per year, which is comparable to most Islamic savings accounts. It’s a lot slower than the rate of inflation. Be careful to acquaint yourself with the fees that will be charged to you before you create this account.

The Most Important Characteristics HBL Islamic Pls Account

  1. There is no need to maintain the lowest possible balance.
  2. Using a PayPak Debit Card
  3. Financing is available up to 90% from the counter to the deposit.
  4. Individual accounts need the submission of certain documents.
  5. Internet and mobile banking are both provided at no cost.
  6. SMS Notification Service
  7. e-statements are provided at no cost.
  8. Life Insurance Is Provided Without Charge
  9. Together with a verified photocopy of the CNIC
  10. A job identification card/job document together with a salary slip is required for salaried employees.
  11. Any more proof of income is welcome.

Munafa Rozana Account

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s only savings accounts that rewards profit in cash on a daily basis are computed and funds out of your bank account every day. Revenue on your money. When you open a Silk bank Munfa Rozana Account, your daily income is calculated based on the suitable profit ratio on your deposit. For bigger deposits, we offer you tier-based prices that allow you to benefit up to 7 percent (percent) yearly from higher profits.

  1. Allows you to access your money in a variety of ways, including checkbook, VISA Debit Card, and Internet Banking.
  2. Use ATMs and Internet Banking to perform a wide range of transactions, including Mini-statements, Inter-Bank Funds Transfers, and more.
  3. Transactions between cities in Pakistan’s Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s approximately 32 cities.
  4. Bank online and on the go with no fees when you use Internet Banking. You’ll be able to keep track of your finances, access government services, and plan transactions according to your schedule.
  5. Visit a Silk Bank branch or contact 021-111-100-333 right now to take advantage of this great offer. You’ll get daily cash profits in cash.
  6. You may keep track of your account by receiving free daily, quarterly, weekly, monthly, or half-year on-year e-statements in the mail.
  7. Maintain awareness with the use of SMS notifications
  8. Using your VISA Debit Card in the Pakistan’s Islamic Republic of Pakistan and millions of businesses worldwide is simple. More than 4,500 ATMs around the nation accept it for withdrawals.

National Saving Account

It is the earliest and most basic offering of the National Savings, with the goal of persuading tiny savers to invest in a way that would enable them to meet their day-to-day economic needs. Savings Accounts give a terrific service to its shareholders by allowing them to withdraw the amount they have put in three times every week.

This account may be opened by Pakistani citizens as well as foreign nationals who are alone adults or in a binary adult partnership, with disbursements acknowledged either by the account owners themselves or by any one of them alone.

An adult may open a Savings Account on behalf of a minor under his or her supervision. Organizations may also finance their employees’ related assets, such as retirement pensions, bonuses, and retirement, as well as providing sensible funds and continuous funds, among other things, to help them achieve their goals.

This Account may be opened at any NSC (National Savings Centre) or PPO (Pakistan Post Office) by filling out an application form, which is available free of charge from all issuing bureaus, and submitting it.

Any NSC (National Savings Centre), as well as any PPO (Pakistan Post Office), may accept deposits of money, cheques, summaries, or pay orders, among other things.

Limitation on the amount of money that may be invested Rs.500 is the bare minimum. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money that may be invested.

Deposits may be canceled at any time after the deposit is made, regardless of when the deposit was made. An investor, on the other hand, may abandon his or her volume three times every week.

Unfortunately, you are unable to create or manage this account online at this time, and consequently, the whole process must be completed at an administrative agency (NSCs or PPOs).

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