Applying For Emirates ID In Dubai

My employer told me a few days ago that I should apply for UAE identification. I had my medical examination in Quiz last week and could apply for UAE identification at that time. However, I was weak with my money because I had to pay for it myself. That’s why I haven’t been able to do it yet.

Applying for an Emirates ID in Dubai

I was advised to go to the print center to get my name registered. The typing center is where you will pay AED 240 and the staff will have to encrypt your contact information to add it to the UAE system. There are a lot of centers around, and I went to one in Dubai. I paid the registration fee and filled in my name, address and other details. I also gave my passport. It was an instant visit, and I was advised to wait for a text message from the UAE ID team for further updates.

The next step was to register your biometrics at one of the UAE’s ID Authority service points. To complete your registration, please go to one of our service points in the precautionary medical centers to take a medical test of your residence. Please ensure that the new biometric capture is completed within 14 days of completion. / Renewed residence has been issued. Avoid cancellation of application.

I got my passport back from the typing center and went to the identification office in Satwa the next day. I arrived early and at 7 in the morning customer number 2 I took my fingerprints, took photos and I was done in 10 minutes. It was a quick deal. After receiving my papers, I submitted them (including my passport) to my employer who took them to the immigration office so I could get my work visa. A few days later, I received a text from the UAE ID card team stating that my application was incomplete and that I needed to update my record.

Please scan the new residence sticker to avoid application rejection and complete the registration process. Go to a typing center in days. ID, please ignore this notice. Basically, when I first went to the typing center, I still had a temporary visa. I needed to register first and then I would update my application with a new work visa stamped on my passport before returning to the Typing Center from the employer to process the residence / work visa.

So when my employer returned my passport to me, my work visa was already attached! I just scanned it in the original writing center so they could update my information. I just have to wait for another text in the next two weeks with details of where to claim my UAE identity. I’m excited! For more details about the UAE ID application, you can call their hotline with your application number. Emirates Identity Authority Hotline: 6005 30003

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