Procedure to Apply for a Driving License in Qatar

In This Article we Guide you Step By Step on How to Apply for a Driving License in Qatar. Getting a Driving License In Qatar is Easy Now a Days. Getting a driver’s license in Qatar is easy. First of all, you have to be based in Qatar.

At the age of 18 you can already get a driver’s license, it is only for driving light vehicles or motorcycles and for 21 years driving heavy vehicles such as trucks and other large vehicles. You need to learn and acquire the necessary skills to be able to guide. This means that you need to take a test or driving test at a legitimate test center or driving school in Qatar.

You can easily get a driver’s license in Qatar unless you provide the required valid and legal documents. You can submit these documents to the office of the Khalifa City Traffic Department. They are open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. (They are closed on Fridays).

Driving license application

To get started, you need to print the application form Click here. You may want to use translation and printing services around the traffic department building for a small fee.

The fee for obtaining/Getting a driving license in Qatar is 500 Qatari Riyals if it is valid for 10 years. For non-Qataris, it’s 250 Qatari Riyal which is suitable for 5 years. Driving and vision test ltd There is an additional fee.

Applicants for a driver’s license must register with one of the following approved driving schools. The applicant can choose from manual transmission to automatic transmission. These schools will teach you the basic steps, ideas, and situations so that you can pass the exams at the driving schools available in Qatar.

Driving Institutes In Qatar With Address

Below is a list of driving schools that are authorized to offer driving lessons in Qatar.

Doha Driving Center, PO Box 9896, Telephone: +974 4792263

Rhea Driving School, PO Box 747, Telephone: +974 4877774

Gulf Driving School, PO Box 15154, Telephone: +974 4652822

United Driving Company, PO Box 15154, Telephone: +974 4681003

Method of driving test in diameter/ Qatar Driving Test

Theoretical exams: This is an oral exam about traffic signs and traffic regulations.

Parking Test: Coaches need to know how to park their car.

Road Test: Coaches look at you and guide you where to go and read the road signs.

To take the test, you must complete at least 15 hours of theory lessons and at least 3 hours of driving lessons. Upon successful completion of the test, the driver’s license must be issued immediately.

Countries are exempt from driving school enrollment

If you are from one of these countries and you already have a driver’s license, you do not need to have a Qatari driver’s license. You need to transfer your current driver’s license and obtain a Qatari driver’s license with minimum requirements. The following countries can easily convert their existing driving licenses into Qatari driver’s licenses.

Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Andorra, Australia, Malaysia, Monaco, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, and the Vatican City.

How to transfer or Convert your existing driving license

If your country is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, you only need to transfer your current driver’s license by conducting an eye examination and submitting the following requirements to the office of the Khalifa City Traffic Department Office.

Documents Required 

  • Three latest photos
  • Passport or ID card
  • Original driving license
  • Sponsor ID
  • The sponsor needs to sign a form and may provide a letter

Driving Reminders Before Drive

  • And the driving reminder Don’t get tired Drink / Don’t drive: If you are tired, it is better to rest first as sleeping while driving is dangerous.
  • Safety first Make sure everyone has their own seat belt.
  • Take your phone off your phone Your hands should only use the steering wheel and transmission when driving.
  • Preparing for bad weather Severe weather can be dangerous.

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