Adult youth must be married, otherwise parents will be fined

A new law is being drafted in a province of Pakistan in which 18-year-olds must be married or their parents will be fined, MMA Sindh Assembly member Syed Abdul Rashid submitted the bill to the Assembly Secretariat. MMA member Sindh Assembly Syed Abdul Rashid has submitted a two-page bill to the Sindh Assembly calling for making marriage of 18-year-olds compulsory in Sindh under the name of Sindh Mandatory Marriage Act 2021.

The bill calls on the Sindh government to ensure that parents marry their sane children up to the age of 18 and if parents delay the marriage of their children up to the age of 18. So they have to inform the Deputy Commissioner in writing with concrete reasons.

If the parents are not able to give any reasonable reason for the delay, they should be fined. Article 3 of the bill states that the fine should be deposited in the official bank account of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. The bill says that the provincial government should ensure implementation of the draft law. Syed Abdul Rashid, a member of Sindh Assembly, who is the driving force behind the Sindh Mandatory Marriage Act, said that the law has been proposed for the welfare of the society. If passed by the Assembly, the law will be enforced across the province.

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