4 New Traffic Violation Fines In UAE 2022

Careless driving in the United Arab Emirates’ capital, Abu Dhabi, will result in a fine of 800 dirhams and four demerit points. According to Gulf News, the government of Abu Dhabi has threatened to impose a punishment of 800 dirhams on anybody who fails to pay attention to the road while driving. Car accidents in the UAE are caused mostly by careless driving; drivers become reckless when they use mobile devices while driving, such as taking photographs, correcting their cosmetics or hair, or even engaging in conversation with other passengers.

The number of traffic accidents in the UAE state of Sharjah, on the other hand, has climbed by 46 percent in the last year. Eighty-four traffic incidents were reported in Sharjah during the course of the UAE National Day holiday, with the maximum number of 287 accidents occurring on December 4 last year. A total of 579 accidents were reported in Sharjah over the course of the UAE National Day vacation last year. A total of 846 complaints of minor traffic accidents were received in Sharjah during the UAE’s 50th National Day celebration, with road accidents happening between the dates of December 1 and December 4. The report was issued by the Joint Committee for Traffic Accidents Survey in Sharjah. According to the latest figures, 579 instances were recorded in the emirate over the same time last year, representing an increase of almost 46 percent.

During these holidays, according to data gathered via the Ravid application and the company’s contact centre, the biggest number of road accidents was recorded on December 4 in a single day, with the lowest number of traffic accidents occurring on December 3. A member of the Public Transport Authority Department and the Joint Committee, Abdul Rahman Al Shamsi, said that the number of traffic accidents rises during the holidays because drivers desire to reach their destinations quicker and do not adhere to traffic laws and regulations.

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